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How To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor After Giving Birth

After giving birth, you might have noticed that things down there are not the same as they used to be. Your vagina may feel a little bit loose and your pelvic floor a little bit weak. Well, that’s expected, after all, you just pushed a watermelon sized baby out of your vajayjay! Now, you might […]

Guidelines in Keeping Your Vagina Healthy

Keeping your vagina healthy is vital in maintaining a healthy and satisfying sex life. But, as a woman grows older, the vaginal and reproductive health also declines, that’s why it’s important to keep your sexual organs healthy as early as you can. Don’t wait for things to get worse; here are simple guidelines in keeping […]

Best Tools for Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal tightening is one of those things that women worry about but are too afraid to speak of. Which is too bad because at one point or another, a woman will experience vaginal loosening and she should really open up about it so that she could seek some help. In the past, there are only […]

The Truth Behind Estrogen Myths

Whenever someone says “estrogen” most people’s mind often wonders to dark places and often associate it with something bad. The truth is, estrogen is nothing bad, in fact, it’s the body’s magic potion that keeps a woman young and glowing! Here are common myths about estrogen and the truth behind then.