Questions to Ask Your Gynecologist

Going to your gynecologist is one of those things that are embarrassing but has to be done. Best advice is that next time you visit your doctor, make use of every second of your visit, after all, every second of her time is costing you money! Your gynecologist is the best source of information when it comes to your sexual health, so don’t be shy to ask her things that regarding your hooha for a better sexual health.

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How To Naturally Manage Your Hot Flashes

Menopause is the reverse puberty of women, it’s horrible, uncomfortable and messes your mood like a hundred pregnancies in one! It’s the time when the body no longer produces the much needed estrogen which in turn causes a haywire in the chemical in your body. But, the big bad red monster that every menopausal women face are hot flashes. It’s the most uncomfortable symptom of menopause and could drive any woman nuts! So is there a way to naturally manage your hot flashes?

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