Easy Steps To Take Care of Your Sexual Health

Women today may be too busy with work that sometimes they forget to take care of their sexual health. What most women do not realize is that taking care of your sexual health is necessary to have a happier, healthier and more satisfied with your sex life. It’s not just the physical health that affects your over all well-being, your sexual health affects it as well. Here are easy steps to take care of your intimate health.

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Pain During Intercourse: Is It Normal?

Sex might not be the most important part of a relationship but it sure holds it together like glue! It should be done with consent, love and of course, no one should be in pain while in the act of love making. You have to keep in mind that intercourse should NEVER be painful. What exactly causes painful intercourse and can you avoid it?

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Vaginal Dryness: How to Naturally Cure It

Feeling dry and itchy down there? You might be suffering from vaginal dryness. Imagine going down a water slide with no water, it will definitely hurt and burn! That’s the same thing that will happen down there during sex without lubrication.It’s extremely common and nothing to be embarrassed about. So what exactly is vaginal dryness and can you naturally cure it?

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Questions to Ask Your Gynecologist

Going to your gynecologist is one of those things that are embarrassing but has to be done. Best advice is that next time you visit your doctor, make use of every second of your visit, after all, every second of her time is costing you money! Your gynecologist is the best source of information when it comes to your sexual health, so don’t be shy to ask her things that regarding your hooha for a better sexual health.

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