How To Naturally Manage Your Hot Flashes

Menopause is the reverse puberty of women, it’s horrible, uncomfortable and messes your mood like a hundred pregnancies in one! It’s the time when the body no longer produces the much needed estrogen which in turn causes a haywire in the chemical in your body. But, the big bad red monster that every menopausal women face are hot flashes. It’s the most uncomfortable symptom of menopause and could drive any woman nuts! So is there a way to naturally manage your hot flashes?

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pelvic organ prolapse

Natural Ways to Avoid Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Pelvic Organ Prolapse seems to be a very scary set of words, and it is. It’s when all your organs such as the bladder, vagina, urethra, uterus, bowel and rectum slowly drop down from where they are supposed to be. It’s painful, inconvenience but could be treated early if you choose to. So what exactly are the natural ways to avoid pelvic organ prolapse?

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Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Alternatives

Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Alternatives

Sooner or later, every woman will face one of the dreaded conditions that ruin relationships: vaginal loosening. It’s as inevitable as the normal wear and tear of the human body. It’s dreadful but inescapable. One of the treatments that promise a cure to vaginal loosening is vaginal rejuvenation surgeries, but is it really worth the money and pain and are there any vaginal rejuvenation surgery alternatives?

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What Happens to Your Vagina After Giving Birth

Giving birth, is such a magical moment, it’s the time when you finally get to meet the baby that has been kicking your guts and sleeping on your bladder for months. In order for the baby to be safely delivered if you opt for natural delivery, your vagina will stretch so much that there will definitely be changes down there. Here are things on what to expect and what happens to your vagina after giving birth.

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rekindle your romance

Save Your Sex Life With These Easy Tips

Whenever you hear someone say that they are happy with their relationship even though the last time they had sex was a long time ago is either lying or have a very weird relationship. We are not judging those couples who are not getting it on a regular basis, but statistics show that lack of intimacy is a major factor as to why couples end up in divorce.

Sure, we would like to think that sex is not everything and that love could conquer all, but let us be realistic, sex plays a major factor in a relationship. So, with those that have  a dead sex life, what can you do to naturally rekindle the romance back into your life?

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vaginal loosening

How to Deal with Loose Vagina in a Healthy Way

Vaginal loosening is one of the most serious conditions that women all over the world face today. It’s the number one culprit of divorces and broken families. What a lot of women fail to realize is that the solution is simple: treating it early to avoid it getting worse.

With all the creams and gels that could give you cancer and surgery that costs an arm and a leg, is there a way to naturally deal and treat a loose vagina?

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How Menopause Changes Your Vagina

Menopause is an inevitable as time. Unless you found the fountain of youth, all women will go through menopause, it’s uncomfortable and the only upside is that you will no longer experience the horrors of having your monthly period.
So, how exactly does menopause affect your Vagina and your sex life?

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