Covid-19 has changed the way we live and date dramatically. If you have gone through months staying at home, you might need some new date night ideas to spice up your relationship. Keep your love alive with these 10 ideas below!

Idea #1: Virtual Wine Tasting

That’d be the perfect quarantine date night if you both are wine lovers. Why traveling all the way to Napa when you can taste your favorite varietals at your own place during the pandemic? Complimentary tasting classes can be easily found on Facebook or Instagram, you just need to have the corresponding wines to follow along. You can also hire a service such as In Good Taste to do the legwork for you. The tasting flights will be shipped directly to your door and all you need to do is simply set up an interactive virtual tasting. For a full winery experience, prepare a charcuterie board to pair with your selections.

Idea #2: A Date in the Kitchen

Isn’t it romantic to have a meal made by both over candlelight? Learning a fresh, new recipe will help you two bond better. After the meal is ready, light up some candles, pour a glass of winer, turn on your favourite music and enjoy your cozy date night!
If you like cooking but are not a fan of shopping and prepping, services like HelloFresh and Home Chef can come to your rescue. All you need to do on their websites is choose your favorite recipe and the instructions as well as pre-portioned ingredients will be directly mailed to your doorstep.

Idea #3: Play Some Board Games

No matter what you like, you can always find a game that meets your interest. If you are into strategies, Chess can easily get you addicted. Or if you like word puzzles, Scrabble should be added to your shelf. Or if you want some light fun, we highly recommend games such as Catan, Pyramid Poker and Lost Cities.
Or if you miss double dates, it’s time to hit up your friends. Some classic games such as Pictionary and the Heads Up Charades are now available and free (check them out in your app stores).

Idea #4: Find Some Interesting Topics to Discuss About

You might have think that it’s nothing new. You two have communicated all day long since the very first day of the lockdown and the topics seem to run out already. But Our Moments are giving up new ideas with their conversation starter cards. You might have never thought of those strange questions before, but surely they will help ignite an exciting conversation. Take advantage of the quarantine to learn more about your other half!

Idea #5: Use a Subscription Box for Couples

If you are not so keen on planning, get yourself a subscription date box. With this kind of service, you will have new, out-of-the-box dates shipped to your door on a monthly basis. You literally can’t guess what comes from their boxes. But there is one thing you can be sure about: they will bring you a fun night full of laughs. Check out much beloved services such as Happily and Date Box Club for more information!

Idea #6: Enjoy a Live Streamed Concert

As no mass gatherings is allowed, your favorite artists will now live-stream their concerts. If they don’t, you can still search for other live events from an extensive list featured on Billboard and LiveNation. No matter what type of music you are into, you can surely find an interesting live-streamed concert from that list. Some concerts might asl for donations as they are associated with specific charities, such as Feeding America.

Idea #7: Attend an Online Painting Class

Many people decide to take this lockdown as a chance to tap into their inner artist. Maybe you can walk out of the pandemic realizing you’re a talented painter? You can learn how to recreate a stunning piece of art from online classes held by Pinot’s Palette. With their detailed instructions, you will have no difficulties following step by step to create your own masterpiece. And thanks to their BYOB format, learning from home has never been that convenient.

Idea #8: Sing Out Loud

Get your microphone ready, it’s time to have some fun singing like nobody is listening! Of course your other half is, but why being shy around them? So if you are comfortable with your voice and skills, set up a stage and perform like a rock star. You can easily find a karaoke list online. Make it more fun with a contest, whoever can sing along the most will be the champion. Don’t worry if you sing and dance like a goofy goose! Sometimes it’s the best to be silly together!

Idea #9: Picnic Under the Stars

A starry sky is the perfect addition to your romantic night! Choose a movie both of you would like to watch, grab some light food and set up a romantic night with candles and two glasses of wine. Who needs a noisy crowded cinema when you already have all those things, plus natural breeze and a huge amount of privacy.

Idea #10: Spa Treatment At Home

If all you want is a little rest, relaxation and intimacy, an at-home spa treatment will top your idea list. To start it right, light up some candles, put on your plush robe and bring out your refreshing champagne and spa snacks. Give your other half a special treat, such as a relaxing massage or an refreshing facial. And don’t forget to ask one for yourself!

When life gives you a lockdown, turn it into an at-home vacation. We really hope you can find some interesting date night ideas from our list to keep your romance alive during this tough time. Don’t forget to share with us what you and your other half have been doing to spice up your love life!