Sex is a huge part of life so it should be enjoyable, not suffering!

Have you found yourself conditioning your life just to make sure that he is satisfied on bed? Sex is a two-person affair, so your pleasure and comfortability are just as important as his. And in this blog, we will share with you 10 tips to make your sex life delightful for both of you.

Most of the tips listed below focus on the moments before and after sex in hopes of strengthening communication between partners. There will be a few tips to use during sex such as checking in with him periodically, letting him know what you like, and don’t like, etc.

Check the list out and apply the tips as soon as you’ve got the chance!

Talk about It.

Dirty talk helps to set the mood but you should just stop there. Instead, talk about it before, during, and even after sex. Talk during sex will help boost self-esteem and satisfaction, according to the Astroglide’s resident sexologist, Dr. Jess O’Reilly.

And when talking about sex, don’t just limit it to fantasies only. Feel free to talk about what sex means, what you want from it, and how important it is.

Talk about sex as a noun, not a verb, so start using questions like What does sex means to you?, How much sex do you want?, How important is sex to you?, etc. Don’t forget to ask for consent before and during sex so both of you can be comfortable and willing.

Build up Anticipation

Anticipation shouldn’t be considered as a sexy tease to get a big climax, it is pleasure itself. Don’t give this important stage a miss, take your time and the sex will be so much better. Instead of going straight to where drives your partner wild, try suggesting you will get there. With that simple act, you can build sexual energy and desire to get a much more climatic response. According to research, the hormone dopamine is released right when we begin a anticipate a reward, not just when receiving it. It also explains why planning a vacation is more pleasurable and exciting than the trip.

So spend more time on undressing and kissing their thighs and you will be surprised at the result.

Play with Edging

A great way to enhance your sex life is to work yourself up to the brink of orgasm several times but not to allow yourself to go over that edge. This is the larger scale of building anticipation. To make it easy to understand, take yourself to go all the way up to 9 on a scale from 1 to 10, then instead of going to 10, bring yourself down to 2. By doing so, your pleasure will be more intense and full-bodied.

Another benefit of playing with edging is that it helps sex last longer as well as slow down the process to make sure everyone finishes.

Be Confident in Your Own Skin

If you feel happy with your body, your partner can feel it and enjoy theirs too. And if you are self-conscious, they are likely to feel the same. When you can cultivate a positive body image, it becomes a revolutionary act of self-love and better sex will come as a reward.

Also, women who are comfortable with their genitals have a tendency to reach climax more often, according to a study published in the International Journal of Sexual Health. Try to be less hard on yourself in the front of a mirror, throw away your scale, give less attention to the standard body types portrayed by the media, and learn how to accept a compliment.

Use lube

Lube not only helps prevent pain during sex but also contributes to better, wetter, hotter, and more exciting and varied sex. If your natural lubricants aren’t enough, start using lube for higher levels of arousal, pleasure, and sexual fulfillment.

However, not all lubes are the same. You will have to take into consideration some of these factors such as allergies and whether you’re using a condom. If you are unsure, go for a water-based lube.

Prioritise Yourself Too

Be selfish, make sure you have a good time too. If you keep worrying about the performance and how your partner, you will miss out on your own pleasure. Try to receive pleasure without apology. You should be selfish once in a while to fully enjoy sex without thinking too much about your partner.

Of course, you shouldn’t completely focus on yourself either. Love is a two-way endeavor so you need to pay attention to your partner too to figure out what they want or desire. However, if you can allow yourself to enjoy the moment, without much consideration about the other, sex will become much more intense, meaningful, and pleasurable.

Practice Being Mindful and Present

The best way to develop sexual skills is to practice them outside the bedroom. If you become more mindful and present during sex, you will be more aware of your pleasure.

If you feel stuck in your own head during sex, start focusing on your breath and how your breath feels in your body. If you cannot be present sitting still, you won’t find it easy to be present during sex either.

Take Your Time

We have a tendency to move quickly when we are excited and aroused. However, for a better sex life, slow down!

You can practice it with your breathing first by taking a few deep breaths. By counting your breaths and visualizing the airflow moving through your body, you can get inside of your body and out of your head. By doing so, you can feel each square inch of your body to be nourished and aroused, as well as truly enjoy your partner.

Express Pleasure

Don’t refrain from being vocal during sex, unless it is inconvenient. If you stifle your sounds or hold your breath, you can make your partner tense up and also it hinders your own sexual response. It’s also a signal that you are holding back, which should be avoided during sex.

If moaning and groaning can help you release, allow yourself to do it. Let your partner know you are enjoying their body, your connection, and the experience by expressing it vocally.

Be Open-Minded

What is enjoyable for you might not be enjoyable for others, so don’t just limit yourself to things you enjoy. If you are not appealed to a sex act or experience but your partner derives extreme pleasure from it, give it a try. Don’t just immediately say no to something that doesn’t immediately appeal to you because it might end up being immensely pleasurable for you both.