To the majority, sex is an important part contributing to a passionate and romantic relationship. Spice up your sex life to preventing it from dying out with these 11 kinky ideas! These vital suggestions are not surprisingly easy but also fun-filled to check out in bed with your other half.

Unfortunately, many couples get stuck in a boring rut in and out of the bedroom after years of living together.

There are no longer efforts to impress each other, you two now have fallen into a steady routine filled with unsurprising dates and standard repeated positions. You might even feel the lack of sexual desire as both the thrill and new kinky ideas are gone.

Even if you are soulmates, unfulfilling sex life can gradually ruin your romantic relationship.

If you think your love life is worth saving, put in some extra effort to spice it up. And this blog is here to help you with some new ideas!

1. Chase after him.

Do you remember how you felt when he was pursuing you, trying hard to win you over, and doing everything possible to get your attention? It felt great, didn’t it? Now let him know how it feels too!

Try to lure him into bed, show him how much you want him physically. He won’t be able to resist the temptation! It might not sound so kinky, but we guarantee it will be incredibly powerful.

2. Grab him and give him a surprise kiss…

A goodbye kiss might have been taken for granted for long. It has become very boring and expected. Kiss him when he’s least expecting it and go back to your business without any explanation. It will make him incredibly exhilarating and keep wondering when it will happen again. A simple act but wonderful outcome, but don’t use this tactic too often or it will lose its magic.

3. Show him your oral sex skills.

If you think your oral sex skills still have room for improvement, now is the perfect time to work on it. Just follow the right instructions and wow him in bed. It is hands down the easiest but best kinky sex idea to use on your man.

4. Bust out of the bedroom.

In case you haven’t tried it outside the bedroom, initiate sex with him somewhere out of your routine, on your sofa, or even in a quiet public area. If you don’t know how to do it, just start by giving him a kiss, and then get more intimate with your hands down his pants.

5. Explore all of his erogenous zones.

His penis isn’t the only area sensitive to sexual stimulation. Try giving more pleasure next time by touching his balls, perineum, and even his anus.

6. Use your hands more often.

If you already know the power of your hands, it’s great. But if not, remember to use your hands when going down on your man. Don’t think of it as a cheating tactic, it in fact can give your mouth a much-needed rest.

7. Give the whirlpool technique a try.

Don’t just move your head up and down while giving him head as it can quickly get boring for both. Surprise him next time by simply twirling your tongue over the top of his penis in a circular motion. It works wonders as that part is by far the most sensual.

8. Try BDSM.

With the release of “50 Shades”, more and more people are exposed to the wide world of kinks. If you haven’t tried it out yet, read the books or watch the movies tonight to learn to spice things up. And before investing a small fortune on a full-scale dungeon, try out some simple moves first to find out his/her preferences.

9. Blindfold him.

The best way to heighten his/her senses is to deprive their sight. Try covering their eyes before going down on them. You can easily find a cheap blindfold or even make one yourself. For even a better result, use earplugs to further the feelings of sensory deprivation.

10. Tie him up or pin him down.

If you are not strong enough pin him down by his arms, tie them to the bed to gain full control. This is an incredibly kinky way to take things a little further.

11. Be submissive.

If your partner is of the dominant type, the best way to please them is to be their slave for the day. However, before you get busy with your Mr. (Ms.) Grey, make sure that you two agree to some ground rules to avoid things getting out of hand.