Have you ever had a streak of just “ok” nights with your partner? It doesn’t have to be that way, sex can be more than just ok! You can improve your sex life and turn it into great times in bed all the time. Here are 4 tips to improve your sex life

Maintain a good relationship

There are times when you feel like you’re not having the best sex cause you can’t really connect with your partner. This might be because you feel unsupported and unappreciated.

Sex is an intimate act that involves vulnerability so it only makes sense that you have to maintain a good relationship with your partner. Have a good relationship with him so that it will be easy for you to let your guard down and just enjoy the act without any pressure or insecurities.

This goes both ways for you and your partner though. If you require him to be a good partner, you have to be the same for him.  This way, it’s gonna be easy for both of you to tell each other what you like in bed for a steamier and hotter sexy time, all the time.



Explore what you like.

In order for you to tell your partner what you like in bed, you should first know what you like and what turns you on. Doing the same thing all the time could eventually turn boring so it’s important to try something new.

Try to do something new at least every week to spice things up. This might involve new locations, new positions or adding toys in the mix.


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Don’t forget the foreplay

Try to create the right atmosphere that turns your partner on even before the touching. Appeal to his five senses:  touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing to excite your partner on different levels.

The anticipation that the foreplay brings into the actual deed itself helps in making sex so much hotter. Fool around with your partner to find out what’s best for you and it could also help you find out what his turn ons and erogenous zones are. The anticipation will only makes things hotter once you get into it.



Take some steps to get tighter down there

The tighter you are, the more sensation there is during sex for you and your partner. It’s only logical to take care of your sexual health in order to improve your sex life. Not only that, but the healthier your sexual organs are, the easier it is to achieve an orgasm! Isn’t that a pleasant bonus?

So what can you do to get tighter down there? Well, you can take supplements rich in phytoestrogen and do your kegels while using kegel weights.

Vaginal loosening often happens when your muscles down there are weak and lose their elasticity. This is caused by the lack of estrogen in the body. Estrogen is that one that maintains the overall health of your sexual system which means that it helps tighten the vagina, firm the breasts and regulate your menstrual cycle.

When there is not enough estrogen in the body, this leads to vaginal loosening, among many other things. This is where phytoestrogen can help. Phytoestrogen is safe and natural estrogen that are made from plants. By taking phytoestrogen, you will replenish the estrogen that your body badly needs in order to make you tight down there.

Not only can phytoestrogen help you get tight, it also normalizes the amount of lubrication during sex and increases the libido for a more pleasurable time during sex.

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Another thing that can help you get tighter down there is by doing kegel exercises using kegel weights. Kegel weights act as dumbbells for your vagina to help you get tighter down there. You can get a set of kegel weights from Vkegel.com