A woman’s vagina is the most sensitive part of her body. Surprisingly, most women don’t know the basics in maintaining a vagina’s health to keep it disease and infection free. Here are the simple rules in keeping the vagina healthy.

Avoid harsh soaps and douching

Harsh soaps and douching could damage the vaginal canal. The vaginas’ health is maintained by the delicate balance of the pH or acidity level as well as the balance of the good and bad bacteria in there. When you use harsh soaps, you are destroying the pH level as well as the balance of good and bad bacteria. This could lead to you, being susceptible to bacterial and yeast infection that could cause irreversible damage to your vagina.


vagina soap

Vaginal douching could also literally wash away the delicate balance of your hooha.


Wash before and after having sex

During sex, you are opening yourself to exchanging bacteria and microscopic substances that could cause vaginal infection. Washing before and after sex will drastically minimize your chances of exchanging harmful bacteria and infection during intercourse.  Washing after sex will also decrease your risk of getting urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases.


Use natural lubricants and always clean your toys

As we all know, anything that gets inside your V should be clean in order to avoid vaginal infections. This rule should be strictly followed for all your sex toys in order to keep your vagina healthy and infection free.


sex toys


When it comes to sex lubes, you should stick with natural lubricants. Some synthetic lubricants contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals could kill all the good bacteria that could cause vaginal infection and could damage the vagina. You should choose lubricants that are natural and organic with no known side effects.


Avoid Manjakani


Manjakani is one of the most popular ingredients of vaginal tightening products these days, especially then it comes to vaginal tightening creams and gels. Manjakani or Oak galls are made when wasps sting the bark of the oak tree, which causes a chemical reaction and forms hard oak tumours called Manjakani. It is commonly used as gum powder for toothache and gingivitis.



When products with Manjakani are directly applied into the vaginal canal, which also happens to be the most sensitive part of your vagina, the vagina canal gets damaged. Manjakani eats away all the outer layer of you vagina and strips it off of the good bacteria as well as destroys the natural acidity levels in there. This could cause you to be prone to vaginal infections, irritations and vaginal loosening. It is the worst ingredient that you could apply to your vaginal area and you are better off staying away from it because it causes more harm than good.


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Keep the vagina and sexual organs healthy with Phytoestrogen


The vagina could pretty much take care of itself, so there is no need for douching or harsh cleaning products as long as you keep it healthy. Estrogen is the one that takes care of a woman’s reproductive health, especially the vaginal health.  During menopause or after childbirth, the estrogen levels in the body decrease which means that it could no longer take care of the health of the female sex organs. Luckily, you can still take phytoestrogen in order to replenish the estrogen that was lost and to restore and main the health of the reproductive organs.

Phytoestrogen are estrogen that is made from plants. They are all natural and organic, so the body has an easy time breaking it down and does not have any harmful by products. Not all phytoestrogen are the same, some have inadequate amounts that it’s not enough to help the body.



Kacip Fatimah has been proven to contain high amounts of phytoestrogen to help the body rejuvenate, in fact it has been used for ages to help women who have just given birth heal and recover.


Vaginal health is vital in making sure that you do not get any vaginal infections that could cause irreversible vaginal loosening as well as vaginal damage. Just remember to clean your V with mild soap, avoid vaginal douching, wash before and after sex, use natural lubricants and always clean your toys, avoid using any products that contain Manjakani, and take phytoestrogen to keep your vagina healthy and disease free!