Everyone says that maintaining a relationship is hard work. Well, that’s true, but sometimes it’s not the other person that destroys the relationship, it’s your insecurities. It could drive you from being an independent, self-confident female to becoming a person you’ve never been before, someone that’s clingy, needy, and sometimes even desperate. So how can you overcome your insecurities for a stronger relationship?

self confidence

The first step to overcoming your insecurities is to feel good about yourself and improve your self confidence. Your insecurities about yourself can project onto your relationship and that’s never a good thing.

Ask yourself, “what makes me anxious? What can I do to increase my self-confidence?” For some women the insecurity comes from being ashamed about their bodies. The key is accepting the things that you cannot control and changing the things that you can. You can exercise to become more fit, healthier, and happier about yourself.

If you are anxious about your situation “down there”, there are things that you can do about that too. To keep your vagina happy and healthy, you can take herbal supplements that are safe to maintain your vaginal muscle tone and tightness.

Kacip Fatimah is an herb that is used to maintain the health of the vagina as well as make the vaginal canal tighter.


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By doing so, not only are you improving yourself and increasing your self-confidence, you are also strengthening your relationship by being the best “you”.



Stop assuming things

Most of the time, fights triggered by insecurities form by random made-up thoughts and senseless paranoia. It’s nothing to be alarmed about; you are not losing your mind, it’s common. Most people in a relationship assume that they know what their partner is thinking about them and then feel insecure and stressed out over it.


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The best thing to do is to stop assuming thingsCommunicate with your partner, talk to him and also listen to him.  Tell him how you feel and discuss the things that he can do to help change it. Open up to him about the relationship and try to distinguish between imagination and reality.




Have you ever been in a situation with your current partner where he does something and you say to yourself “this is exactly what my last partner did when he was cheating”?  Stop right there. You have to keep in mind that not all relationships are the same and not all men act alike.


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It is unfair to your current partner to be compared to your ex.  A helpful tip to remind yourself about this is by writing down everything you hated about your ex. Opposite that list, write down the ways that your current partner is different. This can serve as a reminder that you are with a different and better person now. He may have some flaws, but he isn’t your ex.



Stop inventing problems

Stop looking for reasons why your relationship won’t work in the long run and stop looking for flaws in your relationship. Many times insecure people fixate by being anxious with their predictions of a horrible future and ultimately self-fulfill those prophecies.

Whenever you invent problems in your relationships, your relationship will suffer. Keep in mind that all relationships have its ups and downs, like everything else in this world. Learn to trust your partner and to have faith that the both of you can overcome any hurdles together that come your way.



focus on the good

Nobody is perfect and and you need to learn to accept that about yourself and about your partner. Rather than constantly putting your relationship under the microscope and waiting for bad things to happen, focus on the present. Stop fixating on the negatives and, instead, focus on the positives. Relationships should be fun and it should make you a better and happier person.

Appreciate every moment when you’re with your partner. Don’t forget what made you two fall in love and join together in the first place. Arguments and fights are often from a misunderstanding with one another. Remember that love is patient and kind and whenever you overcome a hurdle in your relationship, it will also make your relationship stronger than before.




Having insecurities in your relationship is like having a parasite that eats away at the foundation of your love with your partner. It projects a whirlwind of negativity that could ultimately destroy your relationship. Do these simple 5 steps to start overcoming your insecurities and you will be on your way to a happier and healthier relationship.