Coronavirus or COVID-19 has left everyone on lockdown in their homes for their own safety. Couples are together 24/7 for days, weeks or even months. Inevitably, this has caused a major impact on everyone’s relationships, it could either deepen your connection or cause tensions and clashes that could lead to divorce. 

Take China for example, after their lockdown and home quarantine, there was a major spike in the filing of divorces. It’s scary to know that being in quarantine with your partner can destroy the relationship that you’ve built.

If you’re currently on lockdown with your partner, here are some helpful tips to strengthen your relationship and not drive each other crazy.

Communicate with your partner on how you feel about what’s going on right now

Not everyone is vocal with what they feel, but it’s important now more than ever to set aside time to talk with your partner about the situation. Everyone responds differently to stress and change, and both of you might worried about different things. 

Open up to your partner about how you feel and acknowledge your partner’s concerns as well. Having someone listen and acknowledge your feelings can help a lot and can help you know more about each other. This way, you can collaborate with each other in handling the circumstances and the things causing you anxiety as a team.

Take time to appreciate the good things in your life

In these hard and trying times, it’s easy to get sucked down into depression, so it’s important to appreciate the good things that are happening in your life. You and your partner should take time to share gladness and reminisce about the happy memories in your life and look forward to making more happy moments together.

This will help you endure the quarantine more and elevate your mood as well.

Schedule alone times to do what you enjoy

Spending 24/7 together might be suffocating at times, so it’s important to take a breather once in a while. Take time to do something alone that you enjoy, whether it’s exercising alone, taking a bubble bathe, reading a novel or just taking a nap.

No matter how much you love your partner, it’s important to take some time alone even for just a moment as a sort of refresher. This way, you won’t drive each other crazy during quarantine.

Explore and expand sexually

Being alone with your partner during quarantine is the best time to explore and expand sexually. You have nowhere else that you need to be and you’re not expecting guests anytime soon.

Exploring and expanding sexually doesn’t immediately mean BDSM or anything drastic right away. You can start slow, like learning sensual massage or sharing your sexual fantasy with each other.

It’s also the best time to exercise and take care of your sexual health, you can read more about it here: Easy Steps To Take Care of Your Sexual Health

Pick an activity that you enjoy doing together

Pick something that you are both excited about and that both of you can do together. Sharing a project together will strengthen your bond and enhance your relationship.

You can do puzzles together or create a social media page for your pet or watch everything that netflix has to offer. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, as long as you do it as a team.

With everything that’s going on with the world right now, you and your partner can feel anxious and uncertain about the future. This can cause a strain on your relationship. The good thing is, you can turn this around and find the good in the situation. This might be a once in a lifetime gift where you can spend so much time together, so use it to strengthen your relationship.

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