There are just certain questions about your private parts that you are too shy to ask about, even to your girl BFF or your gynecologist. So, we decided to take the plunge and get the answers for you.


Is it normal to feel aroused whenever I pee?


There are some women that get aroused when they pee. But actually, think of absolutely anything or any scenario and there is bound to be someone in the world that gets aroused by it.

We chattted with an ob-gyn who said it’s nothing to be alarmed about so don’t panic. But in any case, if you feel uncomfortable by it or if the arousal is accompanied with a burning sensation, you might want to consult your doctor about it.

I have my period twice a month! Is this normal?


Having your period once a month is already more than enough torture, right? The average cycle for a woman can range from 25-35 days. So if you’re getting your period more frequent than that, it wouldn’t hurt to ask your doctor about possible hormonal issues.

There are also some cases when you don’t get your period the entire month or for many months! You would think that’s a blessing, but you want to rule out any serious issues before celebrating. The first thing is to check if you’re pregnant. If you aren’t pregnant, then it might be a hormonal issue or just stress-induced. Doctors often recommend taking estrogen supplements to regulate your menstrual cycle and bring it back to its normal frequency.


 My vagina “farts” during yoga. Is there a way to prevent this?


“Farting”, or what’s also known as “queefing”, can occur when air is trapped in your vagina. Air gets trapped when you do certain yoga poses and gets released when you move around. Your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles contract to push the air out (along with your dignity) and that’s why you feel like your vagina is “farting”.

Before deciding to just quit yoga classes, you can solve this dilemma by wearing a tampon. Now you get to be at complete zen with your entire body and with no added distractions.


Is it normal to have a very itchy vagina before my period?

vaginal itching1

Before your cycle, your body goes through a drastic decrease in estrogen levels that can make your vaginal skin thin, dry and irritated. This could be the cause for that annoying itch.

Having an unbearable, itchy vagina on the other hand is not normal. You should check that out with your doctor to rule out a skin or vaginal infection.


How do I stop from getting acne down there?

pubic acne

The most common cause of getting acne around your lady parts is because of shaving. Shaving can cause irritation and small wounds that can get infected causing tiny bumps on your pubic area. The most effective way to get rid of it is to take a break from shaving. If you really want to be as smooth as a baby’s butt down there, try waxing or laser hair removal instead.

If the tiny bumps are still there even after you ditched the razor, probably best to take a trip to see your gynecologist to make sure that it’s not a more serious infection.


What’s this stinky, white discharge?


A lot, a little, thin, thick, white, or smelly…oh goodness! What’s considered normal discharge? It’s a common question women think about. The white discharge is actually nothing to be concerned about. It’s often caused by the hormones in your body and is part of your menstrual cycle. But if the discharge comes with a stinky odor, check with your doctor about it to make sure it’s all good under the hood.

Vaginal odor and discharge is often a sign of a bacterial infection or sexually transmitted disease.


Why are my vaginal lips uneven?

Purple flower close up

It’s completely normal to have uneven or different looking labia minora, or vaginal lips. It’s like your boobs or men’s balls…the pairs don’t look identical at all. Most women have one labia hanging lower than the other and that’s totally normal.

But, if it bothers you so much and you’re looking for a solution on how to fix what isn’t broken…well, you can also splurge on a labiaplasty to make them look prettier.