Having a vagina can definitely have its ups and downs. One can never really know the true joys or pains of having a vagina unless you’ve actually had one. It’s the most delicate part of your body that can bring you great pleasure and joy, irritating pain, and also little babies. Here are 8 things you should know about your vagina

1) It can handle an intense work-out

Remember that woman who could carry a surf board using her hooha?

vagina weightlifting


Well, it’s not impossible to carry intense weights with your vagina because the vaginal muscle is very strong. But, just like with any muscle, it gets weak if you don’t use it and gets stronger if you work it out. So bust out those vaginal weights and do some kegels excerises to work out those vaginal muscles! Bear in mind, though, simply working out your vaginal muscles isn’t enough to get a strong vagina. You still need estrogen to maintain the muscle’s tone and tightness!



2) What you eat affects how you smell down there

It has to do with your vaginal pH level. What you eat affects your vaginal pH’s acidity levels; the more basic the vaginal pH gets, the more prone you are to getting a bacterial or yeast infection.  And when you have a bacterial or yeast infection, it also gets stinkier down there.

If you want to know more about vaginal pH and what it is, click on this link:

Keeping The Vagina Healthy with Healthy Vaginal pH



3) The clitoris has more nerve endings than anywhere else on the body

The clitoris is the feel-good button of a woman and every man should know the location of this wonderful bundle of nerves. Most women experience orgasms only when there is stimulation in this area.

Here is a map on where you could find your clitoris:



4) Your vagina actually expands during sex

Just like a rubber band, your vagina can expand significantly.  It can even expand to accommodate a baby during birth.

During intercourse, the vagina expands itself to accommodate your partner’s grand entrance, giving you a “full” feeling. After intercourse, your vagina will return to its original shape. Some people describe this action as a woman becoming “loose”, however, the vagina is just simply expanding and contracting during and after intercourse.

However, during menopause, childbirth, or when your body no longer produces enough estrogen, the vaginal canal can become loose due to the loss of muscle tone and elasticity caused by a lack of estrogen in the body.


rubber band

Luckily, you can still take herbs with safe and healthy estrogen that’s made from plants such as Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia to rejuvenate your lady parts and keep your vagina healthy, strong, and tight.



5) Not all lady parts are created equal

You might be alarmed when your labia, or vaginal lips, don’t look the same. Don’t freak out, however, since it’s completely normal and there’s nothing to be alarmed about. Just like how breasts are asymmetrical, the vaginal parts are also not symmetrical.

Keep in mind that there is also no vaginal mold where every vagina is created the same. Some clitorises are farther from the vaginal canal and some are closer.


6) Your vagina will tell you when you are ovulating

Your vaginal canal will tell you exactly when it’s the optimal time to get pregnant. If you are not on birth control, your vaginal secretion will tell you if you are ovulating. The cervical mucus will appear clear, feel rubbery and stretchy and will have the consistency of egg white.


During ovulation, the cervical mucus can be stretched in between your fingers up to 6 inches. It will be much easier to conceive during this period of time.



7) Childbirth

Giving birth is probably the most incredible thing that a vagina could do. It stretches an insane amount to give way to the new arriving baby. Then it generally takes about six months for the vagina to heal, and that’s if you do kegel and vaginal exercises.

The elasticity and tone of the vagina will not be the same as before giving birth. Don’t worry; you can still get back your previous vagina’s tightness by doing exercises and by taking phytoestrogen to help speed up your recovery.


You can read more on how to regain your vaginal tightness and tone here: How to Help Women Recover Faster After Giving Birth

8) Your Vagina can take care of itself

Contrary to popular belief, your vagina doesn’t need vaginal douches nor does it need vaginal creams or gels to maintain its health. In fact, using products that go directly in your vagina can do more harm than good.



If you really want to help maintain the health of your vagina, you can take Kacip Fatimah, an herb that contains healthy phytoestrogen, the estrogen of plants. Kacip Fatimah rejuvenates your sex organs and keeps your vagina healthy by supplementing your body with the estrogen it has lost through childbirth or menopause.