Keeping the vagina healthy is step number one to a happy sexual life. A healthy vagina is a happy vagina and will keep you disease free. Now how exactly can you keep your vagina healthy and what are the benefits to it?

How to Keep the Vagina Healthy?

Before you know the benefits of having a healthy V, you should first know how to achieve it.


Maintain a Good Hygiene

The most basic thing to follow and remember in having a healthy hooha is by maintaining a good hygiene. Just wash with some mild soap and water and you will be fine.

Never ever forget to change your tampon. Sometimes, when you forget your tampon in there for days, it could give off a rotten smell. Not only could it smell horrible, but leaving your tampon in for long periods of time could leave you prone for bacterial and yeast infection.


Avoid Vaginal Creams, Gels and Douches

Vaginal creams and gels and basically any chemical that applied directly to your vaginal canal can cause irreversible damage to it. Products, especially those with Manjakani destroys the vaginal cells that would bring down your defence for any bacterias, not to mention that it also seriously messes up your pH level and kills off the good bacteria down there.


no creams


According to doctors, there is no need to do vaginal douching. As long as your vagina is healthy, it could take care of itself and fight off infection and bad bacteria. Just like vaginal creams and gels, vaginal douching destroys the healthy pH or acidity level of the vagina and will leave you prone to infection.



Take Herbs with Phytoestrogen

Phytoestrogen are estrogen that are naturally made from plants. They are all natural and unaltered so it is very safe to take. The body will have an easier time utilizing it with no harmful side effects. What phytoestrogen does is that it replenishes the body with the estrogen that it desperately needs.



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Estrogen is the one that maintains the health of the vagina, without it, there will be nothing to maintain the vaginal health and tightness. Taking phytoestrogen will give the body the estrogen that it needs in order to keep the sexual organs healthy. It also helps tighten the vaginal canal, firm the breasts and speed up your metabolism.


What are the Benefits of Keeping the Vagina Healthy?


Protect You from Vaginal Yeast and Bacterial Infection

Having a healthy vagina will protect you against vaginal and bacterial infection as well as other diseases. The outermost layer of the vagina is the vaginal mucousa, it serves as the wall that keeps all the bad bacteria out. When you use vaginal creams, gels and even douches, you are breaking that wall and allowing the bad bacteria in.




It’s because that products applied directly to the vagina destroy the natural pH or acidity level of the vaginal canal and destroy the cells that protects the vaginal walls.


Provide You with Vaginal Lubrication

A healthy vagina will provide you with the lubrication that you need during intercourse, protecting you from vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse. There is no need for lubes even when you are in menopause, just as long as you have a healthy vagina.

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Keep Your Vagina Tight

Vaginal tightness is affected by vaginal health. If your hooha is not healthy, then expect vaginal looseness and lengthening of the labia or vaginal lips.

In order to keep your downstairs tight, your body has to have a healthy amount of estrogen to maintain its tightness and tone. You can do that by taking healthy herbal supplements that have high quality phytoestrogen such as those with Kacip Fatimah.

When your vagina is loose, there could also be a possibility that your labia or vaginal lips, gets flappy. You need to pull everything up and make the vagina tight so as to pull up the labia and make it neat and small.


Some women resort to painful surgery to cut off the excess skin in order to make it smaller. What they don’t know is that they should have tried tightening their vagina first using kegels and Kacip Fatimah. Sure, the effects are a little bit slower than surgery, but going the natural way will keep you from undergoing unnecessarily painful and expensive surgery.


Gives You a Healthy Sexual Life

Maintaining the health of your vagina could be treated as a whole lot of work by some women, but the rewards are just too good!

Having a healthy vagina will give you and your partner the sexual pleasure that everyone wants in a relationship. Relationships are not just chemistry and trust, there should also be some sexual gratification in there and having a healthy V will help you achieve it.


Having a healthy vagina is easy, all you have to do is to maintain a very good hygiene, avoid vaginal creams, gels and douches. Having a healthy vagina will protect you from having vaginal infection, provide you with vaginal lubrication, keep you tight and most important of all, having a healthy vagina will give you a healthy sexual life!