Sexual satisfaction is one of the things that keep a relationship strong. It’s not just the chemistry or the rapport that keeps two people together, how good you are together in bed also plays a vital role in keeping two people together. One of the problems that a woman faces as time passes by is vaginal loosening. So which one is the best product that tightens the vagina?

What Causes Vaginal Loosening?


Vaginal loosening is an inevitable as aging and time. It is often caused by losing estrogen and childbirth.

Estrogen plays a very important role in a woman’s body. It’s that magic ingredient that the body naturally makes which makes a woman, feminine. Estrogen is responsible for:

  • The development of the breasts
  • Weight loss during puberty, making you lose you “baby fats”
  • Regulation of your menstrual cycle
  • Stimulates the lining of the uterus to grow
  • Increase a woman’s libido
  • Provides vaginal lubrication
  • Thickens the vaginal walls
  • Tighten the Vagina

When a woman enters menopause, the body will no longer produce enough estrogen to maintain its normal functions. Low estrogen causes vaginal loosening, decrease in vaginal lubrication and libido, among so many other things. Estrogen is vital in maintaining the vaginal tightness and tone, without estrogen, not matter how much you exercise your vaginal muscles, it will not retain it’s tightness.





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Childbirth also causes vaginal loosening, since the vaginal canal expands and stretches so much in order to facilitate the baby. It will have a hard time snapping back to its original tightness and elasticity causing vaginal looseness.


Types of Vaginal Tightening Products

There are so many products that promise to tighten the vagina. It has so many forms, including vaginal tightening creams and gels, vaginal tightening wand, oral vaginal tightening pills and vaginal tightening suppositories.


Vaginal tightening creams and gels

Those are products in creams and gel form that are directly applied to the vaginal canal. The problem with this is that the part of the vagina that is in charge of tightening is the middle layer. Creams and gels could only reach up to the topmost layer of the vagina, they could not reach deep enough in order for them to work.


tighten the vagina


Applying anything directly into the vaginal canal could cause vaginal infection and irritation. Remember that the vagina is the most sensitive part of your body, applying creams and gels with questionable origin directly into it could cause more harm than good.

It destroys the delicate balance of good and bad bacteria as well as the pH or acidity levels. When that happens, it will cause you to be probe to vaginal yeast and bacterial infection.


 Vaginal tightening wand

One products that promise to tighten the vagina is the vaginal tightening wands. Most of them are not made in the United States which makes the process on how they make them questionable. Vaginal tightening wands are soaps in phallic form that are inserted in to the vagina in hopes that you can just wash of the vaginal looseness.


tight vagina


Washing your vaginal canal with harsh soap is causes you to be prone to vaginal yeast and bacterial infection, vaginal irritation and vaginal looseness.


Vaginal tightening suppositories

Vaginal suppositories, are pills that are directly inserted into the vagina. Just like the creams, gels and wand, it is never a good idea to insert anything into your vagina. It will put you in great  risk for yeast and bacterial infection and further vaginal loosening.


Oral vaginal tightening pills

Perhaps the safest form of product that could tighten the vagina are oral vaginal tightening pills, especially those that has phytoestrogen. Vaginal tightening pills work by replenishing the estrogen that the body needs. Unlike the products that are directly inserted into the vagina, oral vaginal tightening pills work by rejuvenating the entire reproductive system and not  just the vagina. It is very safe and effective.


Which One is The Best Product That Tighten the Vagina?


Oral vaginal tightening pills that have Phytoestrogen, especially those with Kacip Fatimah are the best product to tighten the vagina. It has no side effects and rejuvenates the entire sexual system. Vaginal tightening pills with Kacip Fatimah work by replenishing the estrogen that the body needs.




Kacip Fatimah has phytoestrogen, the estrogen that are made by plants. What it does is that it tightens the vagina, increases the libido and protects you from vaginal infections and irritations.

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Avoid Manjakani

Manjakani is one of the most common ingredient in products that are used to tighten the vagina. It has a history of being used for gingivitis.



Manjakani destroys the outermost layer of the vaginal canal. When it is destroyed, your body will no longer be protected from bad bacterias and infections.  Vaginal yeast and bacterial infection could cause further vaginal loosening.



In choosing which product to use in order to tighten the vagina, just be sure that it is safe and effective.  The best product to use are oral vaginal tightening pills with Kacip Fatimah, it is safe and has no side effects.