Vaginal loosening is one of the major problems that most women face today. It usually happens when a woman lacks estrogen during menopause or when the vaginal canal has been through trauma such as giving birth. It’s considered taboo to talk about it, but if left untreated, it could lead to serious irreversible damages to the vagina.


There are a lot of vaginal tightening products available today, but which ones are worth your hard earned money and precious time? Here are simple tips in order to find the best products for vaginal tightening for you.


What Causes Vaginal Loosening?


Let’s first take a look at the structure of the vagina to fully understand how vaginal loosening happens. The vaginal canal is made up of 3 layers:


vagina layers


  • Mucosal layer – it’s the outermost layer of the vaginal canal. It is the same surface that comes in contact during intercourse. It is also the layer that is in charge of the vaginal health, lubrication, maintaining the vaginal pH and keeping the vaginal infection away.
  • Muscle – this is the middle layer of the vagina. It’s the layer that is responsible for vaginal tightness and tone as well as that “grip” during intercourse.
  • Adventitia – this layer keeps the vagina in place. It’s the connecting tissue of the vagina to the outer structure. This also adds to the vaginal tightness and muscle tone of the vagina.


Lack of Estrogen

Estrogen is something that our body produces. It the one that is responsible for maintaining the health of a woman’s reproductive organs. It’s the one that responsible for the vaginal tightness, firmness of the breasts as well as the speed of metabolism. As a woman approaches menopause, the body no longer produces as much estrogen as the body used to during its youth. With not enough estrogen in the body, there will be nothing to maintain the sexual organs, causing sagginess of the breasts and vaginal loosening.




The normal vaginal diameter is just usually 2.1 to 3.5 centimeters and stretches during intercourse. An average circumference of a baby’s head during childbirth is 34.5 centimeters, that’s 11 cm in diameter. Now in order to accommodate the baby during birth, the vagina will stretch so much from 3.5 cm to 11 cm!




Just like a rubber band, too much stretching could cause damage that it could lose it’s elasticity. On top of that, giving birth also drastically lowers the estrogen levels of the woman. This makes it harder for the vagina to spring back to its previous tightness.



Guidelines in Choosing the Best Products for Vaginal Tightening for You


Go Natural: Choose Phytoestrogen over Synthetic Estrogen

The main reason why there is vaginal looseness is because there is not enough estrogen in the body to help the body heal. Phytoestrogen are the healthiest form of estrogen, which are made from plants. It’s all natural and has no side effects. Phytoestrogen rejuvenates the sexual organs to their youth. It restores the vagina’s tone and tightness as well as its elasticity. The reason why you should choose phytoestrogen over synthetic is because it’s safer and healthier for the body.



Avoid Topical Products

creamsProducts that are directly applied into the vaginal canal such as vaginal creams, gels and pills inserted into the vagina could damage the vaginal canal. Also remember that it’s the second layer of the vagina that is in charge of vaginal tightness. Gels and creams could not penetrate deep into the muscles to permanently work.


Vaginal tightening pills are so much better than gels and creams because they work from within and aims to fully heal all the layers of your vaginal canal.


Stay Away From Manjakani


manjakaniIn case you have not heard about Manjakani yet, it’s a tumor of an oak tree that is produced when wasps sting the oak. Manjakani is used as a gum powder for gingivitis, but a lot of vaginal tightening products use it as an ingredient. Manjakani has a very strong astringent agent that severely damages  the mucosal layer of your vagina. Without the mucosal layer, you will be prone to bacterial and yeast infection.

Choose Products with Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia

Kacip Fatimah is an herb that contains high quality phytoestrogen. It helps rejuvenate the sexual organs including the tightening of the vaginal canal in a safe and effective way. It’s all natural and organic, so it has no side effects.

Morinda Citrifolia and Kacip Fatimah

Morinda Citrifolia is a very potent antioxidant that flushes all the toxins away. With all the toxins in the body gone, you will heal faster and achieve the vaginal tightness that you want.


Stay safe: choose the products manufactured in the US




Products that are made in the United States follow a very strict set of rules that are made by the Food and Drug authority. This are made in order to assure your safety and make sure that they are made using only high quality ingredients. Try to stay away from products that are NOT made in the US.





You have to be very careful in choosing the products that you take. Some products could do you more harm than good, that’s why in choosing the best products for vaginal tightening for you, just remember to:

  1. Choose phytoestrogen
  2. Avoid topical products
  3. Stay Away From Manjakani
  4. Go with the ones with Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia
  5. Choose the products manufactured in the US

Following these set of rules will ensure your safely and fast road to sexual rejuvenation!