Vaginal tightening is one of those things that women worry about but are too afraid to speak of. Which is too bad because at one point or another, a woman will experience vaginal loosening and she should really open up about it so that she could seek some help. In the past, there are only 2 options in getting you tight down there, the slow-as-a-turtle kegel exercises and painful-as-torture surgery. But now, there are so many tools out there and even herbal supplements for your problems. Here are the best tools for Vaginal tightening and how they could help you reclaim the romance in your life.

What causes Vaginal Loosening

There are a lot of rumours and old wife tales and even myths surrounding the real cause of Vaginal loosening. Some say it’s because of too much sex, some because you are not using it often enough. Well, ladies, the truth is, the most common culprits to having a loose hooha are childbirth and lack of estrogen in the body.



   1.  Giving birth

Delivering your child into this world is as magical as it seems. But it’s also painful and takes a lot of toll to your vagina. During childbirth, your poor vagina stretches so much so that it could accommodate the safe delivery of your baby.


giving birth


The normal circumference of the vagina is between 6.5-12.5 centimeters while the average circumference of a baby’s head during birth is 35 centimeters! And that’s just an average size, we’re not even talking about huge babies here. Now imagine what the vagina has to go through in order to go from 12.5 to 33 cm. There’s gonna be a lot of stretching and trauma that’s gonna happen down there.




With all the stretching that the vagina has to go through, it might have a hard time snapping back into place, or it might not regain its original tightness at all. Like an overstretched rubber band, after giving birth, your vagina may not regain its elasticity and tightness, hence, the occurrence of vaginal loosening after giving birth.


2. Lack of Estrogen in the system

Estrogen is one of the most wonderful things that could happen to a woman’s body. Your ovaries are the biggest manufacturers of estrogen in your body. It’s the one that turns you into a woman during puberty. Estrogen is the one that triggers the body to grow and develop your curves, especially your breasts and butt.


estrogen effects

When it comes to your sexual health, Estrogen takes care of them all. It tightens the vagina, regulates the period, increases lubrication and increases libido. If there is a magic potion for external youth for women, for sure it’s made of Estrogen.

Sadly, your body does not produce estrogen your entire lifetime. Your ovaries will stop producing estrogen when menopause strikes. Another instance of not having enough estrogen in the system is when you undergo surgery that involves removal of your ovaries. With the major producer gone, there will be not enough estrogen is the body to rejuvenate and maintain your sexual health.




The lack of estrogen in the body will mean that there will also be nothing to maintain the sexual health. There’s gonna be vaginal loosening, sagging of the breasts, decrease in libido and lubrication and pain during intercourse.



Best Tools for Vaginal Tightening

Before jumping into the operating room and have a doctor sew you tight, you should really try the natural alternatives first. It’s cheap, safe and pain-free. The best tools for vaginal tightening that are natural and pain-free are kegel exercise kits and oral vaginal tightening capsules.


1. Kegel exercise kits

Kegel exercise kits are kits that contain at least 2 vaginal weight (1 small and 1 big). You can use these weights depending on your level of expertise. If this is your first time using the kegel weights you can first start with the smaller, lighter one, then move on to the bigger heavier one.

The vaginal weights or kegel balls are inserted into the vagina, the same way you insert a tampon. After inserting it, your next task would be to keep it in. It’s a great way to effortlessly exercise your vaginal and pelvic muscles. The stronger your muscles are, the tighter you are down there.




By doing the kegel exercises using the vaginal weights, you can regain your muscle tone and strength as well as your vaginal elasticity. It’s one of the best tools for vaginal tightening out there and is recommended by doctors to reverse vaginal loosening. You can get a high quality medical grade kegel exercise kit from



2. Vaginal tightening pills

As we have discussed earlier, one of the main reasons why you are experiencing vaginal loosening, is because you are losing estrogen, or your body might not be producing enough estrogen to make your sexual organs healthy and well-maintained.




The good news is that you can still take natural vaginal tightening supplements that are rich in phytoestrogen, the estrogen from plants. What phytoestrogen does is that it replenishes the estrogen that your body needs. Phytoestrogen helps to completely heal your entire sexual system. It tightens the vagina, firms us the breasts, increases libido and increases lubrication.

For those who are experiencing menopause, herbal supplements with phytoestrogen can alleviate the menopausal symptoms and restore your sexual youth.

You can get some natural vaginal tightening pills from



Kegel exercise kits and oral vaginal tightening pills with phytoestrogen are the best tools for vaginal tightening. They’re safe, very affordable and extremely easy to use and take.