Having a baby is the most life altering event that a woman can go through. You just made a new life from scratch and you are now in charge of that new life, how more life altering could it get? Most new moms prefer breastfeeding their babies, which is what’s best for your little one. Breast milk is the most nutritious food that you can give your baby to help him increase his immune system. It also makes your baby stronger and smarter.

Although it has a lot of benefits to your baby, have you ever wondered how it will affect your sex life and relationship with your partner?

How breastfeeding changes your body

When you are breastfeeding, your fertility period also comes to a halt. It means that for a while, there will be no period no PMS and you are blessed with huge tatas! In fact, most moms breastfeed their babies with the intention of making it as their contraceptive. It is very effective for keeping you from getting pregnant again for at least 6 months.




With all the good and wonderful things, there’s also a down size, your nipples will chafe and hurt like crazy. With aching breasts and a post-baby figure, some women will all together just stop having sex.



You might experience some vaginal spotting

You just made a new human being and you’re producing milk, of course this will make your hormones go awry. After giving birth you will experience menstruation like bleeding, which is the body’s way of cleaning your womb after the pregnancy and childbirth. After that has passed, you may still experience so minor case of spotting. This is completely normal but this could cause you to turn sour when it comes to sex.



The best solution: don’t let it stop your sex life. Think of creative ways to still have sex to avoid things getting messy. This could be super-hot!



Breastfeeding can make you feel sexier

While some aspects of having a baby could make you feel gross and lose your libido at times, having a baby and taking care of him could also make you feel sexier. Only women could make and feed new humans and nurture him every day, isn’t that like a superpower?




Plus, you should also remember that your breasts have never been bigger and your nipples more sensitive. You can use those heightened senses to increase your pleasure during sex.



Your boobs are leaking all the time

Since you are nursing, don’t be surprised if you squirt milk when you reach orgasm or when you leak during foreplay. It’s a normal thing that happens and nothing to be ashamed about. Squirting milk during orgasm is part of your milk-ejection reflex.



Your vagina will get dry

Since your hormones are all messed up because you are breastfeeding, you may feel that your vaginal lubrication is out and your vagina is a bit too dry. This is because Prolactin that causes your body to make milk will also block your body’s production of estrogen. Estrogen is the one that produces vaginal lubrication and keep the vagina tight. So without it, there will also be nothing to produce your natural lube and will leave your vagina dry, which will also make sex uncomfortable and painful.

If you have this problem, don’t be afraid to use natural and organic lubes to help you maintain the flame while being new parents.

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What can you do to restore your sex life after breastfeeding?

It’s no surprise that squeezing a watermelon sized baby out your vagina will give a lot of trauma to the vaginal canal. That could lead to vaginal loosening, and in rare cases, even vaginal tearing. Both conditions will diminish the pleasure that you feel during sex and could a decrease your libido. Just because you are new parents does not mean that you should abandon your sex life.



You might just wake up one day, you’re a good mom for  breastfeeding your baby, he’s healthy, but your relationship is not. You can start repairing your sex life by repairing your sexual organs. You can do this with the help of estrogen. Estrogen is the one in charge of maintenance and repair of your sexual organs including your vagina. Phytoestrogen is the safest estrogen that you can take in order to repair your condition down there. You can get high quality phytoestrogen from taking an herb called Kacip Fatimah which has been used for ages to help women heal after giving birth. It will help you bring back your libido and sexual confidence in bed to restore the romance in your life.



It is a wise and noble decision to breastfeed your baby. It will increase his intelligence, strengthen his immune system and also strengthen your relationship to your newest family member. But, there are some instances when you feel less sexy and less desirable for nursing your own child. Just remember to follow the secret tips to restore your sex life and seek the help of Phytoestrogen for a healthier and more sexual life!