According to the American Psychological Association (APA) nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce, another study conducted by the Austin Institute For The Study Of Family and Couture, stated, that of the 50% of the divorces, 37% is due to infidelity and 32% is due to the being unresponsive to emotional and physical needs.

There’s also that myth that sex goes out of the picture the moment you say “I DO”. Now, you might be wondering, is there a way to save your sex life and your marriage?

No matter how much we hope that love could conquer all, there’s the indisputable fact that sexual intimacy plays a major role in keeping a marriage strong.

Most of the reasons why happy couples stop having sex are having a baby, lack of communication and lack of sexual desire.


Having a baby

couple and baby


Giving birth to a baby will make a woman feel less sexy and more of a mother rather than a wife. Both of you will also devote all your time and attention to the newest member of your family which could leave your sex life forgotten. Most couples report a decrease in the frequency of having sex as soon as they have a child together.


Lack of communication

Couple in a moment of mutual disinterest


You or your husband may sometime be too tired to talk to each other or too stressed out to have sex that you just sleep it off. Lack of communication could cause both of you to drift apart until such time arrives that the gap is just too far to bridge.


Lack of sexual desire

lack of sex


There will come a time when a woman, no matter how mentally willing you are, your sexual desire will be as dry as the desert. It’s not your fault. It’s because of your hormones going all crazy either during menopause or after giving birth.

Estrogen is the one that is in charge of fueling your sexual desires as a woman. It’s the one that makes sure that all the sexual organs are healthy a to keep the vagina, tight and well lubricated and sex, pleasurable and enjoyable. After giving birth or as a woman nears menopause, the amount of estrogen also significantly decreases, causing you to be uninterested in sex and having your husband feel neglected.


What can you do to bring the romance back and save your marriage?

Sex and romance could be easily brought back into your life. After all, you decided to marry and spend the rest of your life with your husband so why not work hard to rekindle your romance and save your marriage? Relationships are hard, that’s what most long time married couples always say. It’s not as easy as those in the books and movies and it takes effort to maintain.


Find time for each other

The best first step that you can take in order to bring back the romance in your marriage is by finding time for each other. Sometimes, all you need to do is spend a little bit more quality time with your spouse in order to remind yourselves of the love that you have for one another. Spend some time to communicate and find ways in order to have more alone time with each other.

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Increase your libido naturally

The best way to ensure a healthy relationship and sex life is by increasing your libido naturally. Nothing offends a man more that feeling neglected, unwanted and not hot enough for sex. You have to remember that your disinterest in sex it not your fault, BUT you could definitely do something about it.

As we said before in this article, estrogen is the one that is responsible for a woman’s’ vaginal health, tightness and lubrication. Without estrogen, there will nothing to maintain the health of your sexual organs which means having a dry vagina, vaginal loosening and a lack of interest in sex. A drop in estrogen levels happens during menopause or childbirth.

Good thing is that you can still naturally and safely increase your estrogen levels and increase your libido. Phytoestrogen or the estrogen from plants are the safest form of estrogen that you could take. However, keep in mind that not all phytoestrogen are the same. Some like soy, does not contain enough phytoestrogen to make a change in your body. The best source of phytoestrogen could be found in a herb called Kacip Fatimah.

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Kacip Fatimah



One of the best sources of phytoestrogen that you could take in order to naturally increase your sexual desire and save your marriage is Kacip Fatimah. The phytoestrogen or the estrogen which are made plants are has the same effects in the body as the estrogen that the body naturally produces.

It also helps tighten the vagina to keep it healthy and make sex more pleasurable for you and your partner.

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Sex is not everything in a marriage but it will heavily impact your relationship. There are a couple of factors that could cause the bad sex in a relationship,but the good news is that there are ways which you could address the problem. The best way to strengthen your relationship and rekindle th