Not many people are open enough to share about their sex life, therefore, it is hard to know whether you are having a good one. But if you can get/discuss about what you want and need, you seem to be the lucky one.

A good sex life relies on the quality of your sex, not the quantity. And if you tick Yes to all these 11 signs, you are among the most satisfied people in the world.

You bring yourself off.

No matter whether you are single or have been married for decades, you should take some time to explore your own body to find out what you enjoy. Even when around your partner.

According to the magazine Women’s Health, masturbation is beneficial to both of you as sex begets sex, more masturbation leads to more partnered sex.

You are confident about your looks.

With media talking about beauty ideals all the time, more and more people get insecure with themselves. But people who have an enjoyable sex life are also those who have a positive body image and feel good about themselves.

Most of us encounter moments during sex when we are too insecure about our postures or flaws. But if you are comfortable in your own skin, those moments won’t be able to stop you from enjoying yourself.

To maintain your confidence, you should be empowered to express/act upon your desires to sexually connect with the other. Don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t had sex for a week or any of you isn’t feeling it because it doesn’t define your entire intimate life.

You feel free to ask for what you want.

Great sex comes with great communication. If you are empowered to express your needs and desires, you will be free and excited to try out new things.

Your sex life is good when you can talk things out, what you like, what you don’t, what doesn’t feel good, or what you aren’t into at the moment.

Maintain your communication outside the bedroom too.

Communication shouldn’t be limited in the bedroom to build a healthy sex life. If you manage to build a close bond with your partner, all areas of your relationship, including your sex life, will be benefited.

We have a tendency to get more interested in sex if we feel emotionally connected and wanted by the other. You should spend at least one hour a week discussing how you feel about each other without any interruptions.

You’re present during sex.

It is quite a common thing, especially when you are together for long, that your mind drifts off elsewhere during sex. You might all of a sudden think of the household chores, something happened during the day, etc, and it makes you feel infinitely less sexy.

But if you are present and mindful during sex, you can focus on enjoying it. It is when you immerse yourself completely and totally in your body’s physical sensations.

You can still have distracting thoughts, but if you are able to let them go, you will have mindful sex.

You appreciate being with your partner.

Life is full of distractions such as work commitments, family situations, etc, but show your partner that you prioritize spending time with them, sexual or otherwise. Couples who want to please each other often schedule a sex date once a week, no matter how busy their life is.

Your sex date can be a romantic night with candles on, or it can be a quickie in the morning, as long as it’s regular and you focus on each other only.

You’re willing to try out new things.

It doesn’t need to be BDSM, but if you are open and trusting with your partner, you might be willing to heat up the bedroom with new things. A boring routine can quickly kill excitement because people feel less interested in sex if they are in a rut. Therefore, show that you’ve put effort into the relationship by adding some little tweaks occasionally.

You’re relaxed when it comes to the frequency of sex.

Don’t take it personally when your partner is not feeling it, only few of us can be sexually available all the time. As long as you and your partner are free to let the other know when you are in the mood and when you are not, your sex life is completely healthy.

You get what you want, and they get what they want too.

Sex is a two-way street so if you get what you want, you should also be giving to your partner what they want. If you take the effort to make sure they are happy and fulfilled, you are also rewarded with those feel-good benefits, too.

Orgasming might not be the whole point of sex, but it’s a signal that things go well. If it is absent, something must be off, like arousal, comfort, time, mutual respect, or info about what turns you on. If your timing of sex is different, bear in mind their specific needs and change your sexual schedule accordingly.

You take sex lightly.

Awkward things happen during sex but you shouldn’t stress over them. When something unexpected comes up, instead of focusing on it, just laugh it off and carry on accordingly. Sex in real life is not always as smooth and sensual as it’s portrayed in pop culture.

You’re happy outside the bedroom.

Another sign of having a healthy sex life is that you feel good outside the bedroom too. Sex relaxes you, so if you feel relaxed after sex, it means the sex was good!