Sex has been one of the taboo topics in women, ever since humanity stopped having public orgies and we all decided to wear clothes that cover everything. This leads to cause a lot of women to have a ton of misconceptions about sex that they’re afraid to ask their girlfriends or even just google for legitimacy. So what are the common misconceptions about sex and what are the truths behind it?


Having a good sex life is easy

You might have heard that having a good chemistry equals to a good sex life and that good sex is just spontaneous and easy. Well, you could not be more wrong. Having a healthy relationship with a healthy sex life is a hard work. Most couples whose relationship is strong and healthy allocate time just to spend some quality time with each other. There comes a time in a couple’s relationship when both of them are busy of if they have kids, that randomly having sex is just not practical and possible anymore.

Both you and your partner can schedule your sexy time ahead by planning intimate vacation and researching some new sex moves. All of these are necessary in order to keep your relationship fresh, exciting and strong.

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Not having an orgasm is not normal

Most women treat having an orgasm as a being the finish line of having sex and it’s only good sex when you orgasm. That’s only half true. Racing to the finish line for an orgasm and completely blocking out the journey towards the big O could take the fun out of sex. If you feel like you could achieve climax, you could just enjoy and savor the foreplay and sex itself, and not just aiming for climax.


Only guys have wet dreams

Contrary to the popular belief of men, girls have wet dreams too. As you grow older and as your experiences broaden the sex dreams will also become hotter and orgasms stronger.


Men just want sex and women want love

If you ask any guy about girls and sex, they would often tell you that women just use sex to attract love. On the other hand, women also believe that men use love as bait for sex. This is a gross generalization of genders that could ruin your dating life. Make sure to know the person first before judging him.


Men love bare Vaginas

You might have thought that, that constant trip to the salon to get your lady parts smooth as a baby’s butt is necessary in order to please your man. Well, we hate to break it to you, but different men have different preferences. Some men state that having a sex with a woman without any pubic hair could make them feel like a pedophile. So the next time you want to torture yourself with that brazillian wax, you might want to ask your partner first what he prefers


Marriage is the end of sex

A lot of people joke that marriage is the end of sex. It’s one of the most common preconceptions that a lot of couple just opt to not marriage in fear that their sex life will end. Let’s get everything clear, marriage is not the end of sex. Although, it does take some effort to maintain the romance and spark in your sex and love life.

One helpful tip that couples live by in keeping their relationship fresh is by doing some role-playing and researching some sex moves.


Not having sex will tighten your Vagina

This is perhaps the most famous misconception of them all, that not having sex will tighten you up  and having too much sex will make you loose. Well, the only things that could make you loose down there is having children and not having enough estrogen in your system.

Estrogen is the one that is responsible for everything that involves the vagina, it makes the V nice and tight and even makes sure that your sexual appetite is healthy. As you enter menopause or as you give birth, the amount of estrogen in your body will also decline giving you a dry, loose vagina and a non existing sexual appetite.

The best thing that you could do in order to remedy this problem is by taking herbs that are rich in Phytoestrogen, such as Kacip Fatimah. Phytoestrogen will restore your tightness making you sexually confident in bed.