There is nothing better than finding the love of your life and spending all your time and attention to him. Every couple has this honeymoon phase where everything is just butterflies, rainbows and sex, but what happens when the honeymoon phase is over and what are the common reasons why happy couples stop having sex?

Having Kids


Being a parent is one of the biggest and most common cock blockers when it comes to long-time couples. There is nothing that could kill your libido more than the exhaustion, sleep deprivation and that screaming bundle of joy that you just had.

Right after giving birth, you might also opt to breast feed your child which a lot of women report that it makes them feel not so sexy and just flushes their libido down the drain.

Having kids also means that a mothers’ oxytocin level are through the roof. It’s that chemical that the body naturally produces to increase the parent to child bond, this chemical also suppresses your libido.

All of these natural motherly feeling of a woman that causes her libido to drop could make her man feel unwanted an unappreciated. That is why most relationship experts advise couples to put an extra effort in their relationship. There is nothing wrong with being a parent, in fact it’s one of the most magical things that could happen to a couple, but also remember to kindle your love and affection that you have.

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If you and your partner are always busy all the time, the stress of it all can cause you to skip on the sexy time, especially when both of you are having trouble finding time to be intimate to each other.

Working too much and having too much stress could cause a couple to be sexless no matter how happy and in love they are with each other.

Remember to always find time to unwind and just spend some time with your partner. Schedule a stress-free vacation or even just schedule a couple of hours with him.

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Comparing him with your past partners


One of the reasons why a happy couple stops having sex is because they compare each other to their past partners. Comparing could cause you to panic and be paranoid, “my ex did this, why isn’t my husband doing this?” if you have those thoughts, please stop. It would be completely unfair to your partner if you compare him to your ex, remember that you left your ex in your past for a reason.

Comparing could cause problems that do not exist in the first place. Just take a while to appreciate your current and your past partners’ differences and just appreciate how happy he makes you feel.

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Having a low libido

There’s a time when a woman’s libido just isn’t there no matter how happy or in love you are. This is because of something called estrogen in the body. It’s the one that is responsible for your libido, meaning, the less estrogen  you have, the less sexually interested you are.

When it comes to libido and sexuality, sometimes, it’s the chemicals and hormones that is responsible and not just because you are not interested. You can be so in love and so ready to get intimate, but your estrogen just screws it all up.

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What Can You Do to Restore Your Sex Life?


Identify the cause

In solving just about anything, you first need to identify the cause as why your sex life has gone out of the window. Is it because of your different work schedules, your kids or are you stress at work? Tell your partner what you feel and develop a plan that could restore your sex life.


Spend time with your partner

No matter how busy you are, just try to spend some time with each other and try to show your affection with one another. Spending quality time with your partner will strengthen your bond and love with each other, not to mention that it will also give you time to be intimate, and end your dry spells.



Since you have chosen to be with that person, don’t be afraid to voice out what you want with your partner. Tell him what you want, especially when it comes to your sexy time. Communication goes both ways, you also have to listen to what he wants.

This way, you can also identify what’s wrong and why you two are having a dry spell.


Increase your libido

There are times, when as a woman, you are willing and ready for sex, but your body just won’t cooperate. This is because of the estrogen, which is responsible for your libido, decreases during menopause as well as after giving birth.


The good thing is that you can still increase the estrogen in your body in a safe and natural way. Phytoestrogen offers a safe and natural alternative to synthetic estrogen. Herbs such as Kacip Fatimah have high quality phytoestrogen that will increase your libido. Taking phytoestrogen will help you increase your libido to restore your intimacy with your partner.