Sexual intimacy is one of the best perks of having a relationship. So, you might be wondering does being incompatible in bed also ruin relationship no matter how you love each other?


Simple is yes, it does greatly affect the relationship. It is one of the reasons why couples break-up or when people cheat, it’s because that they are not satisfied in bed. The good news is there are things that you can do in order to salvage your relationship and have the best sex all the time with your partner.

Try to understand what went wrong

Experiencing bad sex has it reasons for both you and your partner, and you have to get to the root of the problem. Was it because he did something you were not comfortable with or is it because you were too afraid to tell him what you like?

Relationships experts reveal that in the relationship, it is a must to tell each other what you like and what turns you on. This gives the other person a clue as to what to do in order to make sex feel great.


Talk to each other

Communication is one of the most vital parts in a relationship. Have some casual talk without the dramatic “we need to talk”. You can simply voice out your preferences and inquiries to your partner in a casual way to avoid pressure. That way, he will be more eased up in telling you what he wants.


Try to Build Some Sexual Tension

One of the reasons why your sexual chemistry with your partner is not great might be because there is not enough sexual tension between you two. The good news is that you can create sexual tension and keep that spark between both of you. You can send each other sexy texts throughout the day  or slip in some suggestive touching.

What you basically what to do is make each other as horny as possible without having sex all day to make you crave for each other at night. It’s a great way to keep the relationship fresh and the sex hot!


Increase your Sexual Health

Another reason why you might be having a bad sexual life with your partner is that your sexual health is not in its top condition. This is true especially for women who are loose down there. You should remember that a happy sex life lies on the hands of your sexual health. The healthier your sex organs are, the happier you and your partner get.

So now, you might be wondering: are surgeries really necessary to tighten your V? No, it’s not. Surgeries are messy, painful and very expensive. You can just simply try taking herbal supplements with phytoestrogen, the estrogen from plants. What phytoestrogen does is that it rejuvenates your sexual organs to their top condition. Herbs such as Kacip Fatimah are rich with high quality phytoestrogen that will help you in your sexual dilemma.


Your Sexual Problems can Make your Relationship Stronger

If you and your partner truly love and care for each other like you think you do, both of you will make an effort to make things work. Just work together to identify the problem and make plans to address it. If both of you can overcome this sexually frustrating problem then you two have a potential to overcome any problem that you might face in the future.

The key to solving your problem and finding a solution that satisfies both your needs is the key to solving any issues with your relationship that you might face in the future.



Having a sexually frustrating relationship  could destroy the future that you hope to achieve with the man of your dreams. Bad sex won’t go away on its own, nor is it normal in any relationship. If you think that the relationship is worth saving, they you and your partner better get moving to get things hot! Identify the root of your dilemma and try to solve it as much as you can. Once you have overcome your problems in bed, then you can overcome any hurdle that your relationship could face in the future.