With so many products on the market that promise vaginal tightening, you must be confused on which one works and which ones are just made of voodoo ingredients. Now, we are going to share with you a few secrets that we discovered through extensive research.

The best Vaginal Tightening products are the ones that are taken orally and that contain the ingredients Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia. (Note: When vaginal tightening pills are referenced in this article, it is only referring to pills containing Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia.) Here are the reasons why…

Vaginal Tightening Pills Work Holistically

The vaginal muscles are not loose because they just gave up on being tight, but because you might be losing estrogen in your body.  Estrogen is the hormone responsible for the sexual organs of a woman. It’s the one in charge of keeping your vagina tight, giving you womanly curves and firm breasts. Now if there is no estrogen, there will also be nothing to maintain the vaginal tightness. Estrogen is important because it makes sure that all of our female parts are in tiptop shape.


The best and highest quality vaginal tightening pills have phytoestrogen in them, the natural estrogen from plants, which is very safe to take. What phytoestrogen does is it serves as a substitute player for the estrogen that has been lost from the body.


As we age it is natural for the body to undergo wear and tear which means that our body parts often will at one time or another need a lending hand. This is where vaginal tightening pills swoops in to the rescue! It gives our body the boost that it needs to replenish and rejuvenate our sexual organs.



Vaginal tightening pills work by healing all your sexual parts and not just a portion of your vagina. Creams and gels work by temporarily inflaming only the vaginal lining where it was applied, now what good does that do right? It’s a waste of your time, money and effort.


With vaginal tightening pills, you are NOT just inflaming the vagina to give it an illusion of magically becoming “tighter”. By taking pills orally, the body is able to absorb and circulate the phytoestrogen to the source of the problem, strengthening your pelvic muscles and restoring the elasticity of your vagina. It just makes sense that in order to truly heal your body, you must treat the root of the problem and not just place a band-aid on an isolated part.



Vaginal Tightening Pills Are Safe

Studies show that using gels and creams and even suppositories that you put in your vagina could cause more harm than good. To fully understand why, let’s have a quick overview of the anatomy of the vagina.

The outermost part of the vagina that comes in contact with the penis during intercourse is the mucosa layer. It is the slippery outermost layer of your “hooha” that is in charge of lubrication and hygiene.  It’s also acidic to fight against bacteria that wants to invade this area.


vagina mucosa


Using creams and gels and introducing chemicals to the most sensitive part of your body could further damage your lady parts. Using topical products with questionable ingredients could eat off the entire mucosal layer that was placed there to protect this area. It serves like an antivirus program for a computer; it’s there to fend off any viruses that could harm your system. Without the mucosal layer, you will be susceptible to bacterial and yeast infections.


estrogenVaginal tightening pills that are taken orally not only tightens and tones the vaginal muscles, but also provides the body with the estrogen it needs to maintain the health of your sexual parts and keep your mucosal layer happy and healthy.


Pills that have high quality Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia have been scientifically proven to be safe to take and even has many antioxidants that protects a woman from various diseases that targets the sexual organs. You can get some high quality pills  with Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia from Vagifirm.com.


How to Choose the Best Vaginal Tightening Pills?

Not all pills are the same.  For example, pills that contain the ingredient Manjakani. Manjakani has no history for being used as a vaginal tightening product, yet so many companies still endorse it as such even though its main use is as a dental powder and as ink.


“Majuphal, as it is widely known in Indian traditional medicine have been used as dental powder and in the treatment of toothache and gingivitis.” ~ Indian Journal of Pharmacology


Taking pills with Manjakani has studies indicating that you could put your health at risk for malnutrition, anemia and could even give your child neurological disorders!


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When buying vaginal tightening pills, you should find out if it was made in the United States. Pills that are made in the U.S. undergo the strictest FDA regulations. Also find out if the product was made with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certified company, which means that all the ingredients are tested for their quality, potency, and authenticity.

Vaginal tightening pills that contain the ingredients of these two herbs, Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia, work best because of their phytoestrogenic qualities and both herbs have been tested and proven to be safe and effective.

According to Drugs.com:


“Kacip fatimah helps strengthen and tone abdominal muscles and the vaginal wall and tissue. The herb also promotes emotional well-being, reduces fatigue, and increases libido and energy.”


Based on a study conducted by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Kacip Fatimah has been used in Asia for centuries to aid women who have just given birth for them to heal and recover faster; both herbs are still being used today worldwide.


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If you want to get tighter faster, you might also want to do kegel exercises while using kegel weights that act as dumbbells for your muscles down there. You can get a high quality set from Vkegel.com.

Now you know why vaginal tightening pills containing Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia are the best and safest solution and makes sense to use. Follow the guidelines that we listed above and do your kegels with kegel weights and you are on your way to a healthy and true sexual rejuvenation.

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