You might have heard about your ovaries, after all every woman has them, but have you ever wondered how what they do besides lay egg like a chicken every month? Well, here’s a helpful guide on everything that you need to know about your ovaries.


Your ovaries produce hormones

Yep, your ovaries don’t only make eggs to be fertilized when getting pregnant, they also produce hormones that greatly affect you in your everyday life. Hormones are not a bad thing, they’re the good kind of natural chemicals in the body. The ovaries produce your hormones estrogen and progesterone, which makes a woman, more feminine. Your estrogen and progesterone help enlarge your breasts during puberty, regulate your period and help your uterus get ready for pregnancy. Estrogen helps keep your breasts firm, your vagina tight and your sexual drive running.




Estrogen is the one that regulates your mood as well, the more unbalanced they are, the crankier you get. You might experience mood swings during your period or menopause, so don’t be alarmed, you’re not getting crazy, your ovaries just wouldn’t cooperate with you.

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They change size

Your ovaries, just like your breasts, change size during certain times of your menstrual cycle, over the course of your life time. Your ovaries, which are normally 3-5 centimeters in length will fluctuate as they release an egg during your ovulation. Don’t fret though, they don’t constantly grow and eventually pop like a balloon! They change in the size of your ovaries are temporary and those small changes will permanently stop once you go through menopause.



Your Ovaries can get stressed


During ovulation or the time when you are fertile, your ovaries could get overworked and get stressed out.


Anytime your body is under pressure, especially when you are undergoing some major life changes, your ovaries will stop releasing eggs, it the body’s way of preventing you from getting pregnant during the stressful periods of your life. This also explain why the menstrual cycles of some women undergoing stress, changes during these times.



They stop working  after menopause

Menopause is the time when your ability to bear children stops. This means that all your organs that helps make a baby  will also stop doing its job and go on a permanent vacation. Sure, there’ll be no horrible and messy menstruation, no pregnancy scares, but there’ll also be no estrogen. With no estrogen in the body to keep sexual organs in top condition, there will also be vaginal loosening, breast sagging, decrease in sex drive and vaginal dryness. Now isn’t that a buzz killer!



Your ovaries can give you acne

You may have heard that acne is only caused by dirt and not washing your face often enough, well, dirt is not the only cause of acne, it could also be your ovaries. Since your ovaries are the ones responsible for balancing the hormones in your body, it could also be the culprit of hormonal issues such as hormonal acne. Conditions that affect your reproductive system such as polycystic ovarian syndrome and even stress could break you out. This is during puberty, when all the hormones are in a mess, is also the same period when most people’s faces are covered with acne.



Phytoestrogen keeps them healthy and protected

Your ovaries will also need a supplement, such as phytoestrogen, to keep them happy and healthy. Phytoestrogen are the estrogen that is made from plants so you can be sure that it is all natural and safe to take. What phytoestrogen does is that it gives the body the additional estrogen that it needs, especially for those women who have given birth or have undergone menopause.



After giving birth or after menopause, the body will also produce insufficient amount of estrogen that could affect your sexual health in a bad way. Without estrogen, there will be loss of libido, vaginal dryness, vaginal loosening and pain during sex.  Taking high quality phytoestrogen will make sure that that will not happen. You can get high quality phytoestrogen from Kacip Fatimah, it’s an herb that has been used by women all over the world for ages to help them take care of their sexual health.

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It’s hard to imagine that your ovaries, which are so small and way inside you can affect you so much. You have to keep them healthy, or else, your ovaries could mess up your mood and menstrual cycle!