Every woman at one point or another has asked what she can do to tighten herself down there. A loose vagina is as inevitable as the sagging of the skin as we all grow old. It’s normal and is part of the wear and tear of the body. The sad thing about it is that it takes a huge toll on a woman’s sexuality and self-confidence.

Vaginal loosening is no joke; it could diminish a woman’s sexual desire and drastically decrease her self-confidence. This could ruin a relationship and break-up a family. Luckily, there’s a simple pill that you could just pop to naturally and safely rejuvenate your youth and sexuality and you can get it from Vagifirm.

The Root Cause of Vaginal Loosening

670px-Launch-a-Rubber-Band-Step-2Just like a rubber band, the vagina losses it’s tone and elasticity over time. As a woman ages, the estrogen that the body produces also diminishes. Estrogen is the one that is responsible for firming of the breasts, tightening the vagina and maintaining the reproductive system of a woman. When the body no longer produces adequate amounts of estrogen, which happens as a woman grows older as well as after giving birth; it will cause vaginal loosening, sagging of the breast and an a very slow metabolism.

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Low estrogen in the body causes a woman to lose her libido, experience emotional roller coasters, gain weight and worst of all have a low self-esteem. All these things combined could dent a woman’s relationship and even tear families apart.

So what can you do to avoid this horrible experience brought about by low estrogen in the body? You can try these safe and natural ways to increase the estrogen in the body and tighten the vagina.

Natural Ways to Tighten the Vagina


Take Herbal Supplements Rich in Phytoestrogen

There is vaginal loosening not because you need to exercise your vaginal muscles more, but because your body lacks the estrogen that it needs in order to rejuvenate your sexual organs. No matter how long and how much you exercise your pelvic or vaginal muscles, the results will still not stick without estrogen in the body.


Phytoestrogen are the safest estrogen that you could take to replace those that were lost. They are naturally made from plants, which mean that they are easily utilized by the body and have no side effects. However, you should bear in mind that not all Phytoestrogen are the same. Some plants produce very low insignificant amounts of estrogen while others produce high quality Phytoestrogen that the body needs.

kacip fatimah

Kacip Fatimah is an herbal plant that contains high quality phytoestrogen that the body needs in order to restore the vaginal elasticity and tightness. You can get a high quality herbal supplement with Kacip Fatimah  from Vagifirm.



Kacip Fatimah has been used for centuries by women who have just given birth in order to heal faster. Today, it’s widely used because of its efficiency in vaginal tightness and in rejuvenating the reproductive organs.

Kegel Exercise

One of the most prescribed exercises by doctors to new mothers is the Kegel Exercise. It’s an exercise that targets the pelvic muscles to tighten the vagina.


To do the exercise:

  1. You have to first locate the muscles that you use for urinating
  2. After locating the muscles, contract the muscles for 3 seconds. You have to make sure that your stomach and thigh muscles are not tightening while you are doing the exercise.
  3. Relax your muscles for 3 second
  4. Make sure to add 1 second every week until you reach your 10 second mark
  5. Repeat doing this 10 to 15 times per session and at least 3 times a day

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Doing Kegels will not guarantee a tighter vagina as you will still need to take phytoestrogen in order to make the effects stick. You can take natural vaginal tightening capsules with high quality Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia to make you tighter faster, but more on those two herbals later.

Healthy diet

Always make sure that you have a balanced meal all the time to keep your target weight. According to a research, women who often loose and gain significant amount of weight tend to have a floppy vulva or vaginal lips. This is because the vulva or the lips, stretch out when you gain weight and then shrink when you lose those pounds. So it’s very important to maintain a healthy weight.

food pyramid

Eating a balance meal will also give your body the nutrients and minerals that it needs in order to help the body heal and restore the vaginal tightness.

Avoid topical vaginal products

In choosing products that will come in contact with your va-jay-jay you have to choose the mildest one. The vagina is designed to fight off infection and bacteria because it maintains it’s own pH level or acidity level. If you use products that have a strong chemical content such as vaginal douches, vaginal tightening creams and vaginal tightening gels, you are disrupting your vagina’s natural pH level. If the pH level is disrupted, you will be prone to vaginal infections and yeast infections that could cause further vaginal loosening.

Using foreign chemicals and ingredients also tend to irritate and injure the vaginal canal. It could also leave your genital area dry and irritated. It’s better to stick to mild and natural vaginal soaps and avoid using topical vaginal tightening products to keep your hooha healthy.

Stay active

One of the best ways in order to tighten your vaginal muscles is to stay active. Ditch your office chair and use an exercise ball or Swiss ball for 15 minutes a day. This will make your pelvic muscles contract without you even noticing it.

You can also try exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, do a short jog or even start doing yoga. Exercising will increase your blood flow which is necessary for a healthy body and especially a healthy vagina.

Stay active sexually as well. The whole “use it or lose it” saying is true especially when it comes to your vagina. Not using it down there will not close you up like an ear piercing; in fact, it will lead to vaginal loosening because if you won’t use your vaginal muscles, it will definitely get weak. Having sex will also increase your blood circulation in your genital area.


You do not have to undergo painful and expensive vaginal rejuvenation surgery in order to restore your sexual youth. With the right kind of Phytoestrogen, and just some exercise, you can naturally and safely tighten your vagina!