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“Kacip fatimah help strengthen and tone abdominal muscles and the vaginal wall and tissue. The herb also promotes emotional well-being, reduces fatigue, and increases libido and energy.”

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  • Your Body Is Losing Estrogen

    Estrogen is what maintains muscle tone

    Your body naturally loses muscle tone & it only gets worse in time

    First, lets look at the problem.  Your body naturally has estrogen during puberty. Estrogen is what makes you change from a girl into a woman. It’s that thing that gets pumped through your body which makes you curvy, grow breasts and maintain very tight muscle tone in the vagina.  

    Over time, your body’s level of estrogen drops a lot and isn’t enough to maintain muscle tone, especially after giving birth.  

  • Providing The Ingredients Your Body Needs

    Solution is simple

    pumilaVagifirm contains Phytoestrogens (plant estrogen) which is needed to tighten your vaginal muscles.

    The reason Vagifirm works is because the main ingredient, Kacip Fatimah nourishes your body with exactly what it received during your early prime years allowing your body to have what it needs to rejuvenate itself again.  Without this, its stuck, like a car running out of gas, its not going to get any better without fuel.

    Our main ingredient, Kacip Fatimah,  has actually been round for centuries and is still widely used in Asia, especially by Malaysian women after giving birth.

    Kacip Fatimah works because it contains phyto-estrogen (plant estrogen) which is naturally found in the plant. 

    Phyto-estrogen act as the primary female sex hormones and are plant-derived  xenoestrogens that can only be consumed by eating phytoestrogenic plants. 

    Since breasts and vagina muscles are estrogen-stimluated organs, by taking Vagifirm, your fueling your body what it needs to stimulate and cause new cells to grow to strengthen your vaginal wall muscles.  

    Our other ingredient, Morinda Citrifolia has high antioxidant, antibacterial and cleansing properties. Together they create a unique path for vaginal rejuvenation and cleansing.

  • Vagifirm Restores Your Body To Your Youthful State

    happy-sexual-coupleVagifirm provides high quality concentrated pure herbal extracts to easily take in pill form.

    So Vagifirm makes it easy by taking pure extracts of these herbs and putting it all neatly into a pill at just the right dose to be taken orally on a daily basis.

    Finally you can give your body the fuel it needs to start repairs again, the same fuel you had during  your youthful years in order to once again restore muscle tone, enlarge breasts, increase libido and overall energy.  

    We can stop the sexual frustrations, lack of orgasms and worries about satisfying him.  You don’t need to risk surgery, pasting creams or kegels.  Vagifirm is already very potent and all you’ll need.  Don’t let vaginal relaxation get any worse.   Get Started

“Usually the plant is boiled and the water extract is than taken to facilitate childbirth as well as a postpartum medicine. It is also believed to be beneficial in firming and toning of abdominal muscles, breasts and tighten vaginal muscles”


1. Take Vagifirm Orally

Take Vagifirm orally once a day.


2. Follow the program

tay consistent, take Vagifirm everyday.

3. Get the results you want

ontinue to run on Vagifirm to get to the results you want until you are satisfied.


Well, that depends on a few factors like your age and number of child birth(s). For some, results are noticeable quicker then others. Although you can get a single month supply, it is highly recommended that you use it for at least 3 months.  

Most of our users report noticeable results in the first month and find 3 months to be the most satisfactory point.  It is not a magic pill, it is not intended to be a temporary inflammation of the vagina. It it meant for permanent recovery and needs time to take effect and make permanennt.  Ideally you should have it for at least 4-6 months.  

Results improve with time. You may stop taking it once your happy with the results.

Vagifirm is not a magic pill, even though effects are noticable within first month, its recommended to take for at least 3 months for permanent lasting results.


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Vagifirm is Backed By a 100% LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee

Your investment is 100% secure. Try out Vagifirm with zero risk on your part. Our goal is to provide you with the best natural vaginal tightening solution on the market. We’re backing it up with a lifetime guarantee. If for whatever reason your not happy while using it or even after your done with it all, send it back for a full and prompt refund. No questions. No hassle.


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