Vaginal loosening is as inevitable as time. Sooner or later, women like us will experience vaginal loosening as we all grow old and lose the estrogen that gives us that youthful glow. It’s a serious problem that every woman faces. It’s not just a simple vaginal loosening it’s a threat to your relationship that could cause you, your man and the life that two have built together. So is there a safe and natural way to tighten the vagina and help strengthen your relationship?

What Causes Vaginal loosening

As always, the best way to come up with the cure is to first understand the problem. Vaginal loosening does not happen “just because”. There are so many factors in our body that contributes to this horrible problem that every woman will sooner or later face.


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The tightness and tone of the vagina all depends on the amount of estrogen in the body. Estrogen is that wonderful thing in a woman’s body that makes her more feminine. It is the one that is responsible for the beautiful gifts of puberty such as the enlargement of the breasts, growth of the uterus and those womanly curves. Now, as we all grow old or after giving birth, the amount of estrogen significantly drops, and without it, there will be nothing to maintain everything that makes a woman more feminine. It simply means that the absence of estrogen in the body will cause sagging of the breasts, decrease in libido, vaginal loosening and decrease in the metabolism.




Another factor that contributes to the loosening of the vagina is childbirth. Pushing a watermelon sized baby out of a tiny hole will have its toll. The vagina will stretch in order to ensure the safe delivery of your baby. It will stretch so much that it will have a hard time snapping back into its original tightness and tone. During childbirth, the body will also naturally decrease the amount of estrogen that it makes. Low estrogen plus the trauma of childbirth to the vaginal canal means having a loose vagina that is very hard to recover from and takes a long long time to heal.


Ways to tighten the vagina

Let’s all face it, having a loose vagina means bad sex, you can’t satisfy your partner and orgasm seems like a wonderful dream that you once had and experienced. It’s frustrating and poses a threat to your relationship with your partner. That is why there are a lot of vaginal tightening methods out there to help women with vaginal problems, but let’s really take a look at what the options are.



Vaginal Tightening Surgery

The first on this list is of course the most obvious one that surgeons recommend, surgery. Now, have you ever pinched your vagina or accidentally injured it while shaving? Does it hurt so much? Now, imagine vaginal tightening surgery, sure the doctor will get you under anaesthesia, but what happens after, when all the happy and numbing drugs are gone?


vaginal surgery



During surgery, the surgeon will cut and sew your vaginal canal, the most sensitive part of your body, in order to make it tighter and more “pretty”.  Setting aside all the pain that you have to endure in the name of beauty, and sexual satisfaction, it is also expensive and like all surgeries, has its risks.


Synthetic Estrogen

May it be oral pills or creams that are topically applied, most women use synthetic estrogen in order to help in vaginal tightening. What most women do not know is that synthetic estrogen is so unnatural, that it could cause cancer.

Have you really looked into the package of that synthetic cream that you were eyeing in the drug store? Most of them even have warnings on their package that it could cause cancer. They are required to tell you what it could do to your body and they state it themselves that it could cause cancer.


The reason is because synthetic estrogen are just a bunch of glued up chemicals that are forced to look like the natural estrogen that the body makes. The body will have a hard time breaking it down and the by-products are harmful to the system that it causes growth, tumors and in some cases cancer to the estrogen stimulated organs such as uterine cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

So is it really worth the risk of dying just to have a tighter V?


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Phytoestrogen, the safe alternative to vaginal tightening


Thankfully, nature offers a safe alternative to vaginal tightening, and that is phytoestrogen or the estrogen from plants. Phytoestrogen are made naturally, so the body has an easier time breaking it down and using it to restore and maintain the sexual organs. You have to keep in mind that your body needs time to heal, phytoestrogen is wonderful and helps every woman, but it is not magic. Years of damage cannot be reversed in just one day, so you have to be patient and help your body by taking phytoestrogen regularly and consistently.




Phytoestrogen could be found in most foods like soy and green leafy vegetables, but the amount of phytoestrogen in them are not enough to actually make a difference in your body. What you can do is find herbs that have high quality phytoestrogen to help you heal, like Kacip Fatimah.




Kacip Fatimah is an herb that has been used by women everywhere for centuries to help them heal after giving birth, ease the symptoms and menopause and repair the sexual organs which includes tightening the vaginal canal. Kacip Fatimah contains adequate amounts of high quality phytoestrogen that could actually make a difference and could help you tighten the vagina in a safe and natural way.

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One of the most issues that women face but a lot choose to ignore is vaginal loosening. It is frustrating and could cause a dent in your relationship and poses a threat to the life you envision with your partner. There are several methods in vaginal tightening which includes surgery and synthetic estrogen. The safe way in order to tighten the vagina and rejuvenate the sexual organs is by taking high qualtiy phytoestrogen through Kacip Fatimah to help you in heal without any side effects.