Have you ever felt that what was once a hot and steamy relationship is slowly turning boring?

In the beginning of a relationship, things look fun and exciting because you are doing them together for the first time, and you are also getting to know the other person better. You go on late night dates, text each other love messages everyday, have never ending telephone conversations, and the sex life is exciting and adventurous. However, as time goes by and the relationship matures, your priorities increase, and you have a baby. All of a sudden, your child becomes a priority, and your sex life becomes boring.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can bring the fun back to your relationship. Below are five tips that you can use to keep your love life hot and steamy after having a baby.



Do Some Workouts

Perhaps the reason that your sex life is no longer is exciting is because you feel embarrassed about your body. However, you shouldn’t be ashamed of baby weight since you brought new life into this world, and you had to feed the baby to make sure that he or she was healthy during delivery. As you take care of the baby, it wouldn’t hurt to do a few exercises to get your body back in shape. Start with regular walking of the baby and then progress to tougher workouts. That way, you will regain your self esteem and be more comfortable around your partner.




Late Night Dates

Being a mother can make you forget about all the wonderful moments you had with your partner when you first started dating. Try to schedule regular date nights and get into the habit of having some alone time with your partner. Hire a nanny to take care of the baby while you’re gone. Talk about the things you love, go on late night walks by the beach or enjoy a romantic dinner at a restaurant. Dates will make you feel closer and attracted to one another, leading to more sex in the bedroom.




Kegel Exercises

It’s surprise that having a baby can affect the tightness of your vagina. Nothing is the same after pushing your adorable baby out! Vaginal loosening can cause a dent on the relationship and especially on your sexual confidence.

Don’t let it ruin your relationship and your sex life. Do some kegel exercises to make your pelvic walls stronger and your vagina tighter. If you want faster results, you can use kegel weights that act as dumbbells to your vagina. You can get a high quality one from VKegel.com (www.vkegel.com)



Keep Your Sexual Health In shape

Your estrogen levels tend to drop after giving birth. When that happens, your sex drive goes down, and you also experience dryness and looseness of the vagina.

Supplements with Phytoestrogen such as Vagifirm (www.vagifirm.com) can help you bring your estrogen levels back up. As long as you are not breastfeeding or pregnant, phytoestrogen can help light back the romance in your life.




Spice Things Up

The best way to keep your love life hot and steamy is to spice things up in the bedroom and keep them interesting. Try some role playing to live out your sexual fantasies. Buy some lingerie to get your partner excited and eager for some steamy action. Engage your partner in some dirty talk over the phone before they get home. Try out some new positions and don’t be afraid to use sex toys.





If you want to save your relationship and re-ignite the spark after giving birth, you should try using the mentioned tips. If you have used some of them, continue using them and add the remaining ones to your to-do-list. Love is like a seed that needs constant watering, so don’t let your love die if there is something you can do to keep it strong.