Becoming a more feminine woman is wonderful thing. It gives you more power and confidence and honestly, men just love the good old fashioned feminine sexiness.  Here are simple tips on how to become more feminine and set a new trend for young women to follow.

Accept yourself

The first step in any self-improvement is to first accept who you are and recognize what you want. You have to remember that change is not at all bad if it is for the better and if it brings you closer to what you want.


Shape up


Besides looking good after shaping up, it will also help you feel good and be healthy. Although, remember that shaping up means maintaining a healthy weight, not too skinny and not being overweight either.

Don’t get discouraged when you can’t get the body of your favourite celebrity. Not all women are the same; each body type is different and beautiful on its own. Nothing screams feminine more than a woman who is healthy with a healthy body weight. No one wants a starving bag of bones or an unhealthy woman!


Go easy on the make-up


In order to become more feminine, you have to look beautiful and at the same time classy. Your natural beauty is something that you should be proud of, so there is no need to hide it behind layers and layers of make-up. The goal is to enhance your natural beauty and at the same time look classy and feel confident. Be careful not to go overboard with make-up. Learn to reach that natural balance between a classy, feminine woman look and trashy make-over.


Put down the phone


There’s nothing less attractive than a woman whose eyes are glued to her phone. Being more feminine means being in the moment to interact with the people that are near you and exuding that feminine confidence and charm that you have been hiding underneath that blue glow of your phone. Take a while to stop obsessing over how many likes or views you have and just enjoy the moment with the one that you are with.


Stop cussing and talk like a lady

feminine woman

Any guy will tell you that cussing like a sailor is NEVER an attractive trait in a woman and it is never on his “perfect feminine woman list”. Talking like a lady does not mean that you should talk like a dame from the 1800’s. It simply means that you have to talk intelligent, smart and witty. Stop being loud and rowdy, it turns people off and it is so far from the feminine energy that you want to exude.

Show off your intelligence by holding a conversation without the f-bombs and all the other curses in your arsenal.


Keep your sexual health in top condition

reproductive system

Being a feminine woman does not mean that you have to avoid sex because it’s not lady-like. Your sexuality is one of the key factors in being a woman, so use it to your advantage. Being sexually healthy does not only mean being good in bed, it also means that your reproductive health is in top condition to balance the female hormones in your body.

The reproductive system or your sexual health is the one that is responsible for releasing something called estrogen in your body. Estrogen is the most important part in making a woman feminine; in fact it is the essence of femininity. It is the one that develops the breasts and keeps the skin and hair healthy. Just name any character that makes a woman feminine and you can be sure that estrogen is the one that is responsible for it.

The only way in order to keep your sexual health in top condition is by making sure that your estrogen levels are normal and healthy. The problem is that during menopause or right after childbirth, your estrogen also goes down the drain which means there’s nothing to keep your sexual health in top shape. Luckily, phytoestrogen is here to help.


Phytoestrogen is the key to being feminine


As the years pass by, or as you reach menopause, the body will also loose estrogen and eventually, it will stop producing it. Estrogen is the one that makes a woman feminine and keeps the reproductive and sexual health in tip top shape. Without estrogen, there will be nothing to maintain the gifts that puberty has given you. The vagina will get loose, the breasts will sag and there will be nothing to maintain that feminine glow.

Phytoestrogen is the estrogen that are made by plants. It is all natural and safe so  the body will have an easier time using it with no side effects. It replenishes the estrogen that the body badly needs.

According to various research publications, the best source of phytoestrogen is Kacip Fatimah. It is an herb that has been used for centuries to help women heal after giving birth as well as to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.



Being feminine is an art that has been fading away over the years, which is bad since there is nothing sexier than a feminine woman. It makes a woman confident and in control and will drive men crazy over you. Just keep in mind to accept yourself, shape-up, go easy on the make-up, put down the phone, talk like a lady and keep your sexual health in top condition with phytoestrogen and you are on your way to a more feminine path.