Vaginal loosening is one of the most serious conditions that women all over the world face today. It’s the number one culprit of divorces and broken families. What a lot of women fail to realize is that the solution is simple: treating it early to avoid it getting worse.

With all the creams and gels that could give you cancer and surgery that costs an arm and a leg, is there a way to naturally deal and treat a loose vagina?

What causes a loose vagina?

Having a loose vagina does not just happen out of the blue. It is caused by so many factors inside your body that overtime causes vaginal loosening such as giving birth and menopause.



One factor of course is pregnancy and childbirth. Carrying your baby for 9 months, along with your enlarged uterus and the amniotic fluid that your baby floats it will take its toll on your lady parts down there. After months of carrying that weight, there’s also the dreaded childbirth.

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During childbirth, your vagina will stretch so much to accommodate the safe delivery of your child. The vagina is a wonderful thing, it could stretch so much that it could give way to your baby. But just like an overstretched rubber band, it will have a hard time snapping back into place. New moms who just leave their condition as is and let fate take the wheels into vaginal tightening claim that sex has never been the same. You just made and pushed out a baby out of your vagina, of course sex will not be as good as before!

Another factor for vaginal loosening is caused by something called Estrogen. Estrogen is the one that controls everything that has to do with us women being feminine. It is the one responsible for the development of your breasts during puberty, how often you get your period, how tight your vagina is and how much lubrication you will produce during intercourse. It’s sort of your body’s sexual control and maintenance department.

Now as time passes by, every woman will go through menopause. It is inevitable as time and aging. During menopause, your body will slowly decrease the amount of estrogen that it produces until it completely stops producing it. The only upside to this is that you can have as much sex as you want without protection and not get pregnant. The downside? Everything else.


estrogen 2


Without estrogen, there will be nothing to maintain the health of your sexual organs. It means that your once full and perky breasts will become saggy like a half inflated balloon. Your vagina will lose its tightness and tone causing the dreaded vaginal loosening. You will also produce less lubrication during intercourse and your libido will go out of the window. This is the time when most marriages gets a little bit rocky since the women will no longer want to have sex because of the lack of estrogen that is responsible for the sex drive.

So what can you do to maintain the youth of your sexual organs and restore your vaginal tightness?

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Phytoestrogen to help you heal

Since the main problem that causes vaginal loosening is estrogen, the solution is simple – take some safe estrogen to give the body the boost that it needs. The best and safe estrogen that you could take in order to help your body heal and recover is phytoestrogen, the safe estrogen that are made by plants.




Unlike synthetic estrogen, phytoestrogen are naturally made by plants so when the body encounters it, it will have an easy time breaking it down and utilizing it. What phytoestrogen does is that it restores the health of your sexual organs and maintains it to avoid further damage. It firms the breasts and tightness the vagina to its youthful glory. Phytoestrogen also increases the libido and sexual desire to bring back the romance in your life and free the sexual kitting that you are.

Not only does it restore the sexual health, it also increases the metabolism and protects you from diseases that target the reproductive organs. Foods like soy, tofu, carrots and rive have estrogen, so it’s nothing new to your system.

You have to remember that not all phytoestrogen are the same. You have to drink atleast buckets of soy milk in order to feel just some tightness down there. Luckily, there are still herbs that contain enough high quality phytoestrogen to help the body heal. Kacip Fatimah is an herb that has been used by women for ages in order to help them heal after giving birth or to help lessen the menopausal symptoms.

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Vaginal loosening is a serious problem that most women face. It poses a risk to ruin relationships and families and could ruin the life that you have envisioned with the love of your life. It happens when the vagina gets so stretched and traumatized during childbirth or when estrogen leaves the body. The good thing is that you can still take high quality phytoestrogen from Kacip Fatimah to rekindle your sex life.