In a relationship having an emotional connection is one thing, but you also need to have good chemistry in bed!  Many women are left in the dark on the real reason why a relationship may go sour. In fact, they feel that they took such good care of their partner, cooked for them, cleaned the house, or was even the bread-winner for the household so what could the guy possibly have been unhappy about?  But often times, the relationship goes south because the magical connection in the bedroom has vanished. Here are 7 simple tips to ensure a satisfied partner and a happy relationship.

1. Communicate with him.


Contrary to popular belief, sex alone is not enough; you also have to communicate with your partner. He may not tell you this, but men commonly fear they’ll let their partner down in bed. Men feel a lot of pressure when it comes to performing sexually. Ironically, that fear often leads to not being able to perform well or rise to the occasion. Communication is important to know how to satisfy him and how to please him. Take the guesswork out and experience how you two can reach a new level of intimacy.  



2. Give that wow factor.


After finding out how he can be satisfied, think of unique ways in accomplishing it. Play around with different moves or techniques and find the ones that leave him thinking “Wow, I’ve never experienced that before!” or asking “Hey, can you do that one thing again?” Men are not really that complicated, you can get your man addicted to you with great sex. 

The internet is just filled with a plethora of information on how to master the art of pleasuring! You will see the results instantly in his mood and behavior if you master the art of pleasuring him in your own unique and memorable ways.



3. Share the responsibility.


Relationships should be give and take and the more you give your guy, the more he will give back to you, and not just sexually. Most men give back more of other things if you treat them like a king – love, emotion and whatever else that you may desire.

The number one mistake of most women is that they just expect to be pleasured by their man in bed and not give back the favor. Don’t expect your man to do everything, instead, focus on making him happy and satisfied in bed. As they say, a pleaser is a keeper. Things can change for the better if you just develop the right enthusiasm and attitude in bed.



4. Make every moment fun and memorable.


After a being together for quite a while, some couples find their relationship monotonous and boring. Boring is bad for a relationship; it could often lead to cheating and break-ups. Make every moment memorable and unique. You can make it more special by thinking as if it’s the last time you will have sex. Treat it as an opportunity to discover something new about one another.

You can get creative and try out new sex positions in different locations of the house other than your bedroom. Make it so that he’ll never have the desire to look elsewhere to get the satisfaction that he wants.



5. Roleplay & playing games.


There are an unlimited number of sex games out there and all you have to do is find them and try them in bed with your partner. Discover ways that will make sex more interesting and exciting for you and your man. Find out what are his fantasies and make it a reality.

Playing sex games can liberate you or your partner from any shyness and is also a great way to learn new things about each other.



6. Use vaginal tightening products.

Every time you have sex with your man, surprise him by making him feel like it’s the first time. Vaginal tightening is a great way to keep your man sexually satisfied and coming back for more. You can keep it a secret and just surprise him on his birthday or on any special occasion. Just make sure that what you are using is doctor certified and safe and you’ll be on the right path to keeping a very sexually satisfying relationship.

Use products that contain Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia. These herbs have been shown to be safe and effective. Not only does it make your V tighter, it has also been shown to increase libido.

Another thing that will give you a tighter V to surprise your man are kegel weights. These are vaginal weights that you should use while doing the kegel exercises to help you get tighter in no time. You can get a high quality one from

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7. Find out what your man likes in bed.

To make his dreams and wishes in bed come true, it’s important to know what he really likes. It doesn’t mean you have to do these things every single time you have sex, because that can create monotony and become boring. But it’s good to know so that you can pull one out of the bag every once in awhile as you’re mixing things up.  It’s like that the saying of how absence makes the heart grow fonder…well the absence of his various favorite likes can make something else grow fonder!

In the end, the more you know about him sexually, the easier it is to please him in bed. Great sex will have your guy coming back for more and he will adore you more for making him happy.