Exercising is the most effective way to lose weight, stay healthy and keep your heart strong. What most women do not realize is that too much exercise or even a wrong execution of an exercise could damage your pelvic floor muscles that could lead to vaginal loosening and urinary incontinence. So is there a way to protect your pelvic floor muscles during exercise?

Your pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that act as a hammock for your pelvic organs such as your ovaries, uterus, bladder, bowels and vagina to keep them in place so that they could work the way they are designed to.

pelvic muscles


When you exert too much pressure on your pelvic floor muscles, sometimes, they could give in. Just like a hammock that is carrying too much weight, it could give in causing a pelvic organ prolapse. A prolapse happen when the pelvic floor muscles fail and your organs drop and press into the vaginal wall. It could become painful and uncomfortable. It could also lead to a loose vagina and a dead sex life.

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Yes, it sounds scary and painful, which it is, but as long as you are following these important steps in making sure that your pelvic floor muscles are safe, there is nothing to fear and you can still on continue doing your favorite exercise routine.

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Exercise techniques to keep your pelvic floor safe


Alternate between exercises

When doing exercises,you should alternate your fitness activities to avoid putting too much stress on your pelvic floor muscles. You can also try focusing on your core strength which will help increase the strength of your pelvic floors. The stronger your pelvic floors are, the less your risk is from having an organ prolapse and from damaging your pelvic muscles during exercise



Focus on correct breathing

Never hold your breath during exercises. Holding your breath increases the pressure on your pelvic floor as well as increases your blood pressure. Correct breathing techniques keeps oxygen going all throughout your system and it also help you avoid having muscle cramps.



Exercise your pelvic floors

The stronger your pelvic muscles are, the less your chances are of damaging them. You can perform kegel exercises in order to strengthen your pelvic floors. Pelvic floor core exercises are also helpful to keep your pelvic muscles strong.



Here are some exercises to keep your muscle and core strong:

Keep your abdomen stabilized

Choose exercises that will keep your abdomen and pelvic muscles supported. You can use machines that allow you to sit, with adjustable weights to keep your abdomen supported and lessen the pressure on your pelvic floors.



Observe a correct posture and form

In order to avoid any injuries in any workout, it is best to always use a correct posture and form. Not only will this help you avoid any injuries, it will also make your exercises more effective.



Reduce the depths of your squats and lounges

The lower your squats and lounges are, the more pressure you put on your pelvic floor muscles. When doing your exercises, try to keep your hips higher than your knee to maintain more control over your pelvic floor.



Keeps your legs close together during exercises

While doing your exercises, keep your feet about hip-distance apart. This will give you more control over your pelvic floor muscles as well as lessen the pressure in them.



Pace yourself

Doing sudden intense exercises could cause some serious injury to your body and not just to your pelvic floor muscles. You can start slowly at first and then gradually increase the intensity as your body gets stronger.



Seek the help of Phytoestrogen

One of the most common culprit as to why your pelvic floor muscles are weak and easily injured is due to the estrogen deficiency in the body. Think of estrogen as the maintenance section of your body’s sexual health. It keeps the vagina tight, breasts firm, and keeps the pelvic muscles nice and strong.

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As a woman grows older, the body also lessens the production of estrogen. With no estrogen to keep your sexual health in top condition, there will also be vaginal loosening, vaginal dryness, decrease in libido and weakened pelvic floor muscles.

All hope is not lost, you can still take phytoestrogen to replenish the estrogen that your body strongly needs in order to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Phytoestrogen are the safest form of estrogen that you can take, it is make from plants so it is all natural, safe and has not side effects.




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Exercises are good for you, it helps you control your weight, increase your immunity to diseases and keeps your heart healthy and strong. But, there are some instances that you might have pushed yourself to hard that it could injury and cause some damage to your pelvic muscles. All you need to do is to follow the guidelines in doing safe exercises and strengthen your pelvic muscles with Phytoestrogen to keep you worry free!