You keep hearing that yoga is a great way to get limber, get focused and even to shed some pounds, but did you know that yoga can help in vaginal tightening?

Here are ways on how doing yoga can help tighten you down there!

After childbirth, you may be wondering if you’ll ever get back to your old self. You feel stretched out and too loose in your vaginal area and that makes you feel less sexy. You might even notice that this feeling is affecting your relationship with your partner.

There are things you can do turn this around. Start with some daily yoga sessions that will help you feel better, look better and tighten up.


How Yoga Can Help in Vaginal Tightening


1. Make Your Muscles Stronger




Anything that makes your muscles stronger makes you firmer. That includes your muscles down there. Building muscle will also help whittle away any post-pregnancy weight you have hanging around. That will make you feel healthy and start to like the way you look.

Yoga poses such as the mountain pose,chair pose, warrior II and happy baby have been known to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Some even say that yoga is more effective than kegel in making your muscles stronger down there!

Just make sure to regularly do yoga and you’ll start to notice a difference in just a few sessions.



2. Be More Flexible


Yoga increases your blood’s ability to flow to your muscles, helping them get longer and stronger. That increased blood flow helps heal and firm tissues, including vaginal tissue that may still be weakened after childbirth.

This is not the time for strenuous exercise. Once you get stronger, you can try running a marathon. For now, stick with yoga. It’s gentler than other forms of exercise and that’s just what you need right now.



3. Meditation is Good for Your Brain and Body

Part of yoga is being mindful and meditative. Most mental health experts recommend spending time in a quiet place, focusing on your breathing and posture, without allowing outside worries or distractions to interrupt.

That’s just what yoga involves. After just one session, you’ll feel calmer and more centered. Reducing the stress in your life makes you more open to love and sex.


4. Start to Feel Sexier

Feeling mentally and physically balanced, like you do after yoga, will put some pep in your step. You’ll move with confidence and be totally in tune with your body. Yoga is a great post-pregnancy exercise because it’s easy on your body, heals and soothes your mind, and makes you feel loose and limber.

That makes any woman feel sexy. Yoga can help in vaginal tightening and it can help make you feel sexier overall.


5. For Knockout Effects, Add a Supplement

If you want to give your yoga sessions a boost, add a phytoestrogen supplement and you’ll really see things tighten up down there. Phytoestrogen is an all-natural, plant-based supplement that helps the female body heal, especially during times of hormonal imbalance like pregnancy.

Herbs such as Kacip Fatimah contains phytoestrogen that helps with vaginal tightening. Phytoestrogen is safe to take for almost anyone. Add it to your routine and you’ll notice a big difference in how you look and feel in just a week or two. You can get one from



Here’s to Your Future

Childbirth is a joyous time. But the changes it makes to your body may not always make you feel your best. Don’t let vaginal looseness get in the way of your love life or your overall happiness. With the help of yoga and a phytoestrogen supplement, you can get back that loving feeling.