Got low estrogen? Estrogen is the one that is responsible for the maintenance and health of the sexual organs and also plays a role in many of our other bodily functions. But, as women grow old or after giving birth, the body produces less and less estrogen.

It’s not only during menopause and after childbirth that the body decreases its production of estrogen; younger women may also experience decreases in estrogen levels. With low or no estrogen in the body, the body’s chemistry gets all messed up causing a lot of uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms.

Symptoms of Low Estrogen


Low estrogen has the same symptoms as menopausal symptoms. Symptoms include sleep disturbance which causes daytime sleepiness and fatigue and inability to focus on simple tasks. Other symptoms resulting from low estrogen in the body are:






Hot flashes, night sweats and cold chills – Estrogen in the body also affects temperature regulation, so if your estrogen goes haywire, your body temperature can also suddenly spike up and down.

Weight gain – During menopause, or when there is a decrease in estrogen levels, metabolism slows down and causes the body to retain more fat than it usually would. A drop in estrogen levels also causes you to be hungry all the time as it increases your appetite.

Eye dryness – Estrogen maintains moisture in the eyes, skin and vagina. Eye dryness could cause impaired vision.

Skin dryness – Having dry skin is the reason for wrinkles and what makes you look old.

Vaginal dryness – Dryness in the vaginal area can cause itching, irritation, and you could be more prone to bacterial and yeast infections.


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Vaginal loosening – Estrogen maintains vaginal tightness and tone, so without it, there will also be vaginal loosening as well as a weakness in the pelvic muscles. It could also cause a decrease in urine and fecal control.

Joint pain and broken bones – Estrogen maintains calcium in the bones. Without it, there can be a decrease in calcium causing for brittle bones.

High blood pressure and heart palpitation– A drop in estrogen causes the heart and blood vessels to lose their elasticity; this can cause an increase in blood pressure and sometimes heart palpitations.

Reduced sex drive – Vaginal dryness and irritation can cause painful sex which in turns decreases a woman’s libido.

Severe depression – All of these symptoms can mess up a woman’s mood, especially when she doesn’t understand what’s happening with her body.


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Causes of Low Estrogen


A decrease in estrogen levels could be caused by any of the following:


Disease in the organs that produce estrogen

  • Decreased ovarian function
  • Cyst in the ovaries
  • Decrease functioning of the pituitary gland

Estrogen is produced by the ovaries and the pituitary gland, so when there is disease or something wrong with the organs, there can also be a decrease in the production of estrogen.


Childbirth and breastfeeding

During pregnancy, estrogen levels are at its highest but as the woman gives birth, there will then be a drastic decrease in estrogen. This sudden decrease could cause a shock in your system which could manifest in symptoms that indicate low estrogen in the body.


Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, and excessive exercise

Every day the body burns calories that’s then converted into energy. This energy is vital for all body functions such as production of hormones, beating of the heart, breathing, and brain functions. If you starve yourself all the time and exercise excessively, you are slowly killing the normal functions of your body, including the production of estrogen.


Natural Remedies For Low Estrogen in Women


Correct your diet and exercise

A balanced diet that is packed with vitamins and minerals can help correct low estrogen in women, especially if the cause of low estrogen is due to low body fat content. When it comes to exercise, both too much and too little can be bad for you. Just like with your diet, you should balance the amount of exercise you do to not overexert and hurt your body.



If your body no longer produces estrogen, the best way to remedy this is to replace the estrogen that was lost. The best form of estrogen is phytoestrogen. It is the safest form of estrogen that is made from plants and behaves very similar to human estrogen when ingested. Taking the recommended dose of phytoestrogen has no harmful side effects on the body.



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The herb called Kacip Fatimah has been shown by numerous studies to contain high-quality phytoestrogen that fuels the body with what it needs to keep your sexual organs happy and healthy. Not only that, it also detoxifies the body, gets rid of toxins, and maintains many other parts of your overall health to keep you feeling young and alive.




Low estrogen in the body can cause unwanted health problems, discomfort, and can ruin your romantic relationship. Kacip Fatimah is a simple solution to ease the symptoms from low estrogen and increase “estrogen” in the body in the most natural, safe, and healthy way.