Urinary tract infections are as uncomfortable as having to push a huge rock out your urinary meatus. It’s painful, uncomfortable and could lead to more serious conditions. It could cause permanent damage to your urethra, kidney and bladder if left untreated. So what really causes it and are there natural ways that you could avoid UTI?


What is a UTI?

A urinary tract infection is well, an infection on the urinary tract. It’s when bacteria enter the urinary tract and infect it, causing an inflammation, infection and irritation. UTI affects the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. Women are more susceptible to having a UTI than men due to having a shorter urethra than women.

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Here are natural ways to keep UTI away:



Get some Vitamin C


One fun fact about the bacteria that causes those horrible infections on your neither region is that they could not grow and survive on an acidic environment. One way to keep your bladder acidic and UTI free is by drinking vitamin C or taking supplements. You can also drink cranberry juice to keep things acidic. The vitamin C will also boost you immune system to prevent future UTI’s from plaguing your life.



Increase you fluid intake


One way of flushing out the infection is by flushing them out with water. Taking a lot of fluids will help decrease the amount of bacteria that’s in your bladder and urinary system. It’s a good way to keep you hydrated, and avoid the reoccurrence of infection.



Take it easy on the sex toys

sex toys

Sex toys are fun in bed, but they’re also one of the major carriers of those bacteria that causes pesky urinary tract infections. When you have sex or sexual activities, bacteria could get pushed inside you pee hole and cause an infection. If you can’t avoid sex toys, make sure to clean them thoroughly before and after use. You can also use condoms for those toys that go in you and keep an infection to a minimum.

You also might want to avoid feminine products such as diaphrams, vaginal sponges, menstrual cups and tampons. You should avoid leaving your tampons in there for too long as bacteria just love bloody tampons.



Cranberry juice


It’s the most common natural remedy when it comes to treating UTI’s. It helps alleviate the burning sensation when you pee and will make your urine more acidic. It will help decrease the rate of bacterial growth and flush them out.


Avoid vaginal tightening creams and gels

no creams

Those gels and creams that you put directly into your hooha could cause an infection to your urinary tract. Some of them, especially those that are not made in the United States, could have some bacteria that will make your pee burn like hell! Not only will it cause a UTI, it could also cause some vaginal infection and irritation.

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Pee after sex


Peeing after sex will help you flush all the unwanted bacteria that you could get from sexual intercourse. Urinating will flush those bacteria far away from your urinary meatus. It would also help to have a great hygiene down there.




Urinary tract infections are the worst. It’s painful, uncomfortable and it could cause a permanent and irreversible damage to your kidneys! Luckily, just follow the helpful steps in order to keep UTI’s away.