Going to your gynecologist is one of those things that are embarrassing but has to be done. Best advice is that next time you visit your doctor, make use of every second of your visit, after all, every second of her time is costing you money! Your gynecologist is the best source of information when it comes to your sexual health, so don’t be shy to ask her things that regarding your hooha for a better sexual health.

Here’s a helpful guide on what questions to ask your gynecologist on your next visit:


What are the tests that I should have this year?

Medical tests are important when it comes to determining your health. You shouldn’t be shy to ask your doctor as to what tests you should go through at your age. Depending on your age, sexual history and risk factors, your doctor could recommend breast exams or pap smears. Asking your doctor about these will ensure that you are getting the right care that you need and it will give you a better understanding on how to take care of yourself.


How is my fertility?

Most women who visit their gynecologist are mainly concerned about their fertility whether they can have babies when the right time comes. It doesn’t matter if you are preparing to get pregnant at the moment or if you are getting your prescription for birth control, fertility is one of the topics that you should talk about with your doctor. You can tell her your expectations and goals when it comes to your fertility so that she can help you plan for the future of your reproductive system.


What’s the proper way to do a self-breast exam?

Breasts exams have helped so many women world-wide catch breast cancer early, so it is important to ask your doctor to teach you the proper way to do a self-breast exam. It will help you determine if there is a lump that you should be worry about. Breast cancer is no joke and the best way to catch it early for treatment is by doing the breast exams yourself.


What causes painful sex?

Your doctor has heard it all, especially things that are related to sex and sexual health. Painful sex is a common issue to a lot of women and most of them believe that it’s just normal to experience pain during intercourse. Well, it’s not. It could be an indication of on underlying problem. Don’t be shy to talk to your doctor about this. Your gynecologist could help you pinpoint the cause of the painful sex that you are experiencing and could prescribe medications to alleviate the pain.


Should I worry when it’s itching down there?

Vaginal itching could be an indication of a yeast infection or bacterial infection. When you feel like it’s always itchy down there, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about it. It will save you so much time, effort and discomfort if you just consult with your doctor immediately.


Is it normal to leak a little during laughing, coughing or sneezing?

Oftentimes, women who experience troubles with keeping pee in have a weak pelvic floor muscles. Those are the muscles that supports everything down there and helps control your pee and poop in as well as helps with vaginal tightness. Most of the time, women who experience leaking are too embarrassed to ask their doctors about it, which is a shame  because with the correct exercise and treatment, urinary leaking could be cured.


Should I be worried about my Estrogen levels?

Estrogen is the one that keeps the health of your sexual organs in tip top condition. Who better to talk about estrogen than your doctor that specialized in sexual health? Without estrogen, there will be nothing to maintain the health of your sexual organs. Diminished in estrogen will cause you to have menopausal like symptoms such as sagging of the breasts, vaginal dryness, vaginal itching, decrease in libido, vaginal loosening and mood swings.

You should talk to your doctor about your estrogen levels or if it’s time to get checked. Low estrogen could cause horrible mood swings,  vaginal loosening and sagging of the breasts.

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