Whenever you hear someone say that they are happy with their relationship even though the last time they had sex was a long time ago is either lying or have a very weird relationship. We are not judging those couples who are not getting it on a regular basis, but statistics show that lack of intimacy is a major factor as to why couples end up in divorce.

Sure, we would like to think that sex is not everything and that love could conquer all, but let us be realistic, sex plays a major factor in a relationship. So, with those that have  a dead sex life, what can you do to naturally rekindle the romance back into your life?


Set a date night

date night

Most of the time, the reason why it has been months since you last did it might be due to your busy schedule because of work or even because of you kids. It’s not healthy to always be busy and not even have time to be intimate with your partner. One of the most helpful advice that relationship experts give is that you should set a special time to be alone and intimate with your partner. Set a date at least once every 2 weeks to have quality time with your partner and reconnect with each other.

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Take off the pressure

Young Couple Having Breakfast in Bed

The best part about having sex with someone that you trust is that there should be no pressure. It’s the same thing for both men and women, the more you put pressure on yourselves, the more your organs won’t cooperate. Try to set the mood and just have fun and enjoy the moment. Light some candles, and set the mood to your house for your quiet and sexy time.

Another helpful tip that most relationship and sex  gurus give is to enjoy the foreplay rather than race to the big O.

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One of the most common reasons as to why couples stop having sex and slowly drift apart and into divorce town is that they do not communicate. Also remember that communication is a two-way thing, you have to voice out what you truly mean as well as listen to what your partner is saying.

Communication is also a great way to know exactly the reason as to why your sex life is dying and non-existent. Feel free to tell your partner why your libido is down and what he could do to remedy the problem.

Tell each other your sexual fantasies and what you like in bed. That way, each time you are alone, you will be more excited to try the things that your partner likes. Who knows, you might discover a fetish that will give you the best sex of your life!

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Try new things

sex toys

During the first weeks or even months of your relationship, things are new, fresh and you are still on the honeymoon phase of your relationship. Once that ends, things could leave things monotonous, sour and even old. One of the best things in order to make things fresh and sex exciting is by trying out new things.

This could mean role-playing, meeting each other again in a bar and even trying out new sexual positions. It’s the time to get excited and fresh!



Take care of your sexual health

healthy reproductive

Your lack of sex life might not always be due to you and your partner not having enough time for each other. Your sexual desire and sex life will still depend on your sexual health. You should always keep in mind that the healthier your sexual organs are, the healthier your sex life is.

A woman’s libido is way different than that of a man. For women, not only should she be aroused mentally but her lady parts and sexual health should be healthy as well. Estrogen is the one that is responsible for a woman’s arousal and libido. It’s the one that increases the lubrication during intercourse, increases the libido and makes you all hot and bothered.

As time passes by, the body also decreases the production of estrogen which makes a woman’s sexual health go down the drain. Without estrogen, there will be vaginal loosening, sagging of the breasts and loss of sexual desire.



So what can you do? Well, since there is no magic fountain of youth that could maintain the forever youth of your sexual organs, you can take the next best thing: Phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen is the estrogen that are made by plants. It helps restore your sexual desire and rejuvenates the health of your sexual organs for a tighter V! Kacip Fatimah is one of the herbs that contain high quality phyotestrogen to help you rekindle the spark back into your sex life.

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