Next to a root canal, the visit to the OB-GYN is one of those appointments that need to go to, but just have to be done. It’s always awkward when someone pries under the hood and tells you what’s wrong down there. Don’t worry though, here are simple tips to make your next doctor visit a little bit more comfortable.

Choose a doctor that you are comfortable with

Having a doctor that will make you safe and whom you are comfortable with will make your next visit suck less. Look for a doctor that will make you feel positive about the experience.  A doctor with a friendly and welcoming office will also help. You can ask your family or friends for a recommendation and even visit different clinics or waiting rooms that would make you feel more comfortable.  Being in a comfortable environment while being pried and examined down there will at least ease you a little bit.



Tell your doctor if you feel awkward or weirded out

You are gonna work with this doctor for a long time, so feel free to talk to her about your fears and concerns. Don’t be afraid to voice out your concerns to your doctor so that she knows to check in with you during the appointment.

Remember that staying quiet and enduring the awkwardness will certainly not help make the situation any better.



Prepare yourself before the appointment

No matter what you do, some discomforts are to be expected during the appointment, but there are still some things that you can do to lessen the discomforts ahead of time. If you know that there will be pain during your appointment, you can plan ahead by taking ibuprofen or some pain killers, to make the exam a little less painful.



Schedule your appointment accordingly

You might not know this, but your pelvis is more sensitive around your ovulation period. Ovulation happens around the 14th day of your cycle. It might help to schedule your appointment right after your period to avoid your ovulation window.

It would also help a lot to schedule your appointment during the time when you are not busy. Don’t schedule it in between obligations or during your lunch break. You need to take your time and be more comfortable during your visit. Being in a hurry and being tensed during the appointment won’t help anyone.


Use Phytoestrogen for healthier sexual organs

Just remember that the healthier you are down there, the faster and more comfortable will your appointment will be. Phytoestrogen are estrogen that are made by plants, so you can be sure that  it very safe to use. It will also help with the vaginal dryness.

Vaginal dryness can make things uncomfortable down there during your examination. Phytoestrogen certainly increase vaginal lubrication to make your visit less painful. Having a healthier set of sexual organs will also mean a shorter exam, less prescriptions and fewer worries.

You can take herbs that are rich in high quality phytoestrogen such as Kacip Fatimah to help you get healthy down there. You can get one from

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Visiting your OB-GYN is a must in order to maintain your sexual health, but it could get really uncomfortable, awkward and a little bit embarrassing. The good news is that you can still take some steps in order to make your visit to your OB-GYN a little bit more comfortable and a little less awkward.