Yeast infections may not be life threatening, but they sure as hell uncomfortable and inconvenient. No one wants to scratch their burning crotch whenever no one’s looking! What most women don’t know is that there are some things or practices that you thought are normal or safe, but could cause yeast infections.

When it comes to having yeast infections, the common causes that immediately come into mind are antibiotic, vaginal douching and having a very weak immune system, but here are some more unusual culprits that might surprise you:


Vaginal creams and gels

vagina creams

Your vagina has a very delicate and balanced environment. It usually has a normal amount of yeast, good bacteria and healthy levels of acidity. The normal acidity levels and good bacteria keep the yeast at bay, and act as guards to keep them from giving you any infections. When you apply vaginal gels and creams into your vagina, that delicate balance is destroyed, causing a breakout from the normally contained and controlled yeast that leads to vaginal yeast infection. It could also cause damage in your vaginal walls, causing your more bacterial and yeast infections. So better avoid any vaginal gels and creams, the vaginal itching that yeast infections will those gels and creams will cause are just not worth it!



Taking too much alcohol


When you take alcohol, it does not just end up in your stomach and out as your pee. The body will absorb the alcohol and everything that is contained in your favorite drink. All of those will then travel throughout your body including your sexual organs and your vagina. As we have said before, there is a delicate balance between the good bacteria and yeast. Taking too much alcohol will kill all the good bacteria in your body. The sugar and yeast that it contains will then act as fertilizers to the yeast infection.



Scented feminine products


All those fancy and scented products that aim to deodorize and make your V smell like roses aren’t as rose as you think! It could irritate your vagina because of the strong chemicals that it contains. These chemicals can upset the natural pH or acidity levels of your vaginal canal, which means more chances of having a yeast infection. Better stay away from scented tampons and sanitary pads and switch to mild, hypoallergenic products.



Using panty liners


Yeast just love moist and warm environments so panty liners are the perfect breeding ground for them. Panty liners block the airflow the vagina making them incubators for yeast. It’s better to keep using them at a minimum and wear breathable cotton underwear.



Condoms with spermicide


 The spermicide that are used in condoms that contains irritants for your vagina. Better stick to regular condoms with lubricant to lessen the risk of irritating your vagina.



Low levels of estrogen


Estrogen is the most important ingredient when it comes to vaginal health. It’s the one that maintains the health of your sexual organs, especially your vagina. It feeds the health of the good bacteria and also keeps the delicate pH levels. As you reach menopause or as soon as your estrogen levels drop, there’s also gonna be nothing to maintain the delicate environment of your vagina which means a higher risk for yeast infection. Best thing to do? Increase your estrogen levels naturally!



You can increase your estrogen naturally and safely by taking phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen are estrogen that are made by plants and are completely safe to take and have no side effects. Kacip Fatimah is a herb that contains high quality phytoestrogen which helps maintain the health of your sexual organs. When the vagina is healthy, then your chances of having a yeast infection is also low, so better keep your vagina healthy!

You can get some high quality phytoestrogen to keep the yeast infections away from

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