Being a mother changes you, both emotionally and physically. Only when you are pregnant, your body will get a whole new organ, your heart will pump 50% more blood and alien cells will try to hijack your brain.

Most of them will just disappear after delivery, but these 18 in this list will be permanently different. Brace yourself and learn them well to avoid shocks.

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If you’re looking for a weight loss plan that actually works, check out our best tips in this blog!

One of the very first things we want to do after giving birth is to get back in shape. But with all the extra pounds accumulated during the 9 month long pregnancy, it’s surely not an easy task. No one knows a magical weight loss calculator for new moms and the idea that you should be able to get your pre-baby body back is also just a myth. However, with these tips, tricks, guidelines, and your determination, you can surely lose the baby weight.

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