You may have heard a thing or two about something called phytoestrogen. Well, if not, phytoestrogen are some of the most amazing, natural substances out there that women can take to improve and maintain their sexual health But besides that area of awesome benefits, what other areas can phytoestrogen help a woman with?

What is Phytoestrogen?

Phytoestrogen are estrogens that occur in certain plants. It is naturally made and unaltered, so the body has an easier time utilizing it and it causes no harmful side effects to the body. But of course, just like with anything else, everything is best in moderation. When the body is lacking estrogen, Phytoestrogen can fuel the body with the estrogen it needs to maintain and restore vaginal and sexual health along with contributing to many other numerous health benefits.


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1) Phytoestrogen cares for the health & maintenance of the reproductive system

As we grow old, our body undergoes its normal wear-and-tear and the body produces less and less amounts of estrogen. This means your body will have a harder time keeping your breasts perky and your vagina tight, not to forget to mention a decrease in metabolism and those wonderful stories you hear about hot flashes!

Luckily, you can take phytoestrogen to combat these symptoms of estrogen deficiency. It’s the safest and healthiest form of estrogen you can take to help keep your body and sexual organs healthy and in prime shape.


What are the Benefits of Taking Phytoestrogen?


2) Phytoestrogen helps protect you from cancer

Phytoestrogen can help prevent certain kinds of cancers that target the reproductive organs, such as the breasts, uterus, and ovaries. Certain types of phytoestrogen contain powerful antioxidants that rids the body of toxins and prevents abnormal growth of the cells that cause tumors. In fact, according to one study published in the Journal of Epidemiology, it was found that phytoestrogen prevents the occurrence of endometrial cancer.


3) Phytoestrogen helps reduce menopausal symptoms

During menopause, the body stops producing estrogen. This causes menopausal symptoms where a woman experiences the following:

  • Hot flashes
  • Decrease in libido
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Insomnia
  • Night sweats
  • Mood instability
  • Irritability




All of these symptoms can occur because of the lack of estrogen in the body, messing up its chemical and hormonal balance. What phytoestrogen does is it supplies the body with the estrogen it needs to combat these estrogen-withdrawal symptoms therefore alleviating menopausal symptoms.


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4) Phytoestrogen helps avoid osteoporosis

Estrogen helps maintain bone density, which means that it’s one of the factors that keep bones strong and healthy.




During menopause, the body stops producing estrogen and causes bone density to drop. This will leave a woman prone to bone-related diseases, such as osteoporosis. Taking phytoestrogen can help you avoid osteoporosis and increase the strength and health of your bones.


5) Phytoestrogen reduces the risk of stroke

A stroke, or whats medically known as cerebrovascular accident, is an occurrence when there is a disturbance in the blood flow in the brain that can lead to death of brain cells. This can cause disturbance in your normal daily functions, such as your speech, motor skills, memory and can even cause death. A stroke happens when there is either a blood clot or hemorrhage (bleed) in the brain.




Phytoestrogen can help improve blood flow by minimizing cholesterol build-up that causes blockage in the brain.


What is the Best Source of Phytoestrogen?


Phytoestrogen is already in a bunch of foods that you usually eat, such soy, garlic, whole grains, carrots, and peas. However, not all phytoestrogen are the same and the dietary amount you eat is not enough to make a big difference.




One of the most effective herb that contains high-quality and effective phytoestrogen is Kacip Fatimah. It is an herb that has been used for centuries to help women alleviate menopausal symptoms and to help a woman recover faster after giving birth.


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Phytoestrogen is one of nature’s miracle gems that can effectively improve and maintain not only a woman’s sexual health, but also contribute to many other numerous health benefits. However, eating phytoestrogen in your diet alone isn’t enough to make a difference when your body stops producing estrogen. A simple, healthy solution is to take phytoestrogen pills made with Kacip Fatimah to help you keep at your prime all the time!