Maintaining a happy and healthy bond means putting in a little work, but it’s not the kind of work that leaves you drained (or the kind you’re thinking!). After reading this article, a healthy relationship will only be a couple of steps away. We had five relationship specialists give us their take on the top tips are when it comes to sustaining a loving relationship.

These are the best relationship advice anyone can carry out:



Take care of your sexual health.

There isn’t anything less sexy than a slack vagina which can happen to you if exercise isn’t in your schedule. Perform some kegel workouts in order to strengthen your pelvic walls for increased tightness. You can even utilize kegel weights (or loads that you put into your vagina) while carrying out your kegel workouts to make you get tighter, quicker. The more tight you are, the hotter the sex is! You can get a high quality kegel set from



Right after you give birth is when your body is going to notice a reduction in the level of estrogen. With less estrogen in your body, you’ll encounter decreased libido, vaginal loosening, vaginal dryness and discomfort or pain during intercourse.


Other than the trauma your vaginal canal has experienced throughout childbirth, you are also going to have low estrogen issues — making vaginal tightness restoration almost unmanageable!



What you can take away from this is that taking high-quality phytoestrogen herbal supplements can aid the healing process. Phytoestrogen is a kind of estrogen made up of plants. This means it’s organic, all-natural and safe. It’s going to help you heal quicker immediately after giving birth and it improves your libido and energy to give you that little boost of sexiness after giving birth!


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Keep your mind on what’s positive.


Rather than concentrating on drawbacks in your partner, which perpetuates negative beliefs about your relationship, concentrate on the positive qualities in your partner.


“It’s imperative to look for the good qualities you love in your partner,” advises a licensed family and clinical marriage therapist, Afton Strate. “If you’ve gone through a lot of trials and tribulations within your relationship, this can appear as a challenge at first, but I reassure couples that finding even little things they like about their partner is profoundly healing. After you’ve recognized something you appreciate in your partner, (e.g., their tolerance) it’s helpful to relate the quality with a time that you have remembered them doing that performing that certain quality. You might also want to reference qualities that were originally attractive to you that your partner displayed. An element of their personality that might have been demonstrated more recently is also beneficial.”




Play together, stay together.

Plan weekly romantic nights or days to take dates and alternate the responsibility. “Biking, hiking, long walks or skating are excellent activities to do. Discover something new as a couple like snowshoeing, winemaking or a dance or cooking class,” mentions Susan McCord (commonly referred to as Dear Sybersue), an advice columnist and relationship coach.


Then after every few months, even if it’s only a weekend, make a getaway as a couple. “Getting some space away from all of life’s responsibilities each year is also an excellent means of staying close as a couple. You can withdraw from the distractions of daily living and experience a fun new atmosphere together. Variety is essential to a lasting relationship in order to keep things fresh. You want to have something to always look forward to,” she says.




Keep your individuality intact.

All parties in a healthy relationship need to understand the person they are and the things that make them passionate. “A lot of the time when people start a new relationship, they attempt to gain validation from the other person and fail to give attention to themselves,” mentions a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Cherry D. Weber.