The ingredient called Manjakani has been recently made popular as a vaginal tightening agent; in fact, almost all vaginal products endorse Manjakani as a vaginal tightening ingredient. But did you know that Manjakani has no history of being used for vaginal tightening and there is also no scientific data that proves how it works. Most sellers just say it works just because they said so. So what is Manjakani, what are its main uses and how does it affect the body?

What is Manjakani?

Manjakani is formed when wasps sting oak tree and then deposit their larvae. The chemical reaction causes an abnormality, like tumors, and the tree produces hard-shaped balls called Manjakani. This contains high doses of Gallic Acid and Tannic Acid. Both are safe to ingest in very small doses, but could cause some serious harm in high doses.

Uses of Manjakani

According to the Indian Medicinal Plants published by Kottakkal AVS in 1995 and Handbook of Medicinal Plants by Bhattacharjee SK. (2001), Manjakani has been used as a dental powder to treat toothache and gingivitis.


 “Majuphal, as it is widely known in Indian traditional medicine have been used as dental powder and in the treatment of toothache and gingivitis.” ~ Indian Journal of Pharmacology


In the book “Edible and Non-Edible Medicinal Plants” by T.K. Lim, it states that Majakani is being used topically for its astringent properties to cause skin whitening and just like your good ol’ rubbing alcohol, it is also good for killing germs. Manjakani has also been used as ink and for manufacturing black dye.

Dangers of Using Vaginal Creams and Gels That Contain Manjakani

Let’s first briefly discuss the basic anatomy of the vaginal canal. So, the vaginal canal has 3 layers. The outermost layer is the mucosa, that’s the slippery outer part that contains folds or wrinkles. Next are the muscles that are responsible for the vaginal tightening and muscle tone in the vagina. Lastly is the connective tissue that attaches the vagina to the body.

The layers of the vagina, the mucosa, submocosa and mucles

The layers of the vagina: mucosa, submucosa and muscles


So when using topical gels and creams, you are only applying it to the outermost layer of the vagina which does nothing to the muscles that are responsible for muscle tightness and muscle tone. By applying topical creams, especially those with Manjakani, you are thinning out the mucosal layer of your vagina that is in charge of lubrication and vaginal hygiene.


“Tightening the vagina is done by the vaginal muscles so I don’t know how a local cream can do the job.” ~ Dr. Nisreen Nakhoda, GP


Manjakani is considered an astringent agent.  What astringents do is temporarily cause cells to contract. It’s just like when you drink wine or eat an unripe fruit.  Your lips pucker up a little right?  That’s because wine contains astringent agents also.  Creams/gels cause your cells to temporarily contract making you think that something is working and that your vagina is getting tighter when that really isn’t the case.  That’s why these products say to apply right before you have sex and you’ll feel the effects instantly.  These effects will quickly go away and are not permanent, just like how your lips return back to normal after you drink wine.

Manjakani also causes cells to dry out.  This causes thinning of the outer layer of the vagina and that causes vaginal dryness and irritation. The vagina itself has antibacterial properties as long as it has thick and healthy mucosal layers. So if that mucosal layer goes away your vagina will be prone to infection and irritation. No matter how much Manjakani you dab on it, your vagina will be an easy target to bacterial and yeast infections.

Dangers of Taking Pills Containing Manjakani

Manjakani  contains extremely high doses of Tannin. Tannin is used for leather tanning and softening. If tannins are ingested in very high doses, it could cause malnutrition, anemia and a baby exposed to it could cause congenital birth defects.

When you take pills that contain Manjakani, it will stop the body from absorbing nutrition from the food that you eat. It could lead to severe malnutrition and anemia from consuming high doses of herbs rich in tannin. It does not just mean losing weight, it also means losing muscles due to muscle wasting. You should bear in mind that your heart is a muscle, so malnutrition and muscle wasting also means a weaker heart.  It will also dry up the water from your cells which will cause the skin to be dry, brittle and old. When anemia is left untreated it could lead to leukemia.  If you take Manjakani with coffee while you are pregnant, it can cause your baby to be born with neurogenetic disorders.

Kacip Fatimah: a Safe & Healthy Alternative to Manjakani

Are you really willing to gamble your health and your baby’s health just for the promise of vaginal tightening? So what options do you have?

Stay away from products with Manjakani and use the safer and healthier alternative, Kacip Fatimah.

Kacip Fatima and its uses

Kacip Fatimah

Kacip Fatimah is a flowering herb with scientific backing that it works for vaginal tightening and unlike Manjakani, it has no side effects and is very safe to take. According to an in-depth published research, Kacip Fatimah has been used by the Malay community for ages to help women recover faster after giving birth. It has antioxidant properties and contains phytoestrogen that helps women heal faster after giving birth vaginally.

The reason why Kacip Fatimah works so harmoniously with the body is because it contains Phytoestrogen, the natural estrogen from plants. Phytoestrogen directly stimulates the sexual organs of a woman, firming the breasts and tightening the vagina.

Kacip Fatima helps restore the outermost layer of the vagina

Kacip Fatimah helps restore the outermost layer of the vagina

Estrogen is the hormone responsible for maintaining muscle tone. Women lose estrogen after they give birth or when undergoing menopause.  The lack of estrogen leads to vaginal loosening. This is why you need estrogen. Make sure the pills you take have high quality Kacip Fatimah to ensure that it delivers natural estrogen in the safest possible form. Synthetic or man-made estrogen is known to increase health risks.

Taking pills with high quality Kacip Fatimah is the safest and most effective way to truly rejuvenate a woman’s sexual organs. Don’t be fooled by creams and gels that only give a temporary facade that they work. publishes “Kacip fatimah help strengthen and tone abdominal muscles and the vaginal wall and tissue. The herb also promotes emotional well-being, reduces fatigue, and increases libido and energy.”

Because of its antioxidant properties, Kacip Fatimah has also been proven to protect women against diseases and rejuvenate the sexual organs of a woman.

So if you’re trying to decide which vaginal tightening product is best, stay away from products containing Manjakani and only use products with high quality Kacip Fatimah.