Going to your ob-gyn is like going to a painful date, she gets to see your parts where the sun don’t shine and gets to tell you what’s wrong with your lady bits. It’s uncomfortable but necessary for your health!

You might be dreading your next visit to your doctor, so just to ease your anxiety and discomfort even by a little bit, here are things that your ob-gyn doesn’t tell you,  but you should really  know.

They don’t care about your grooming


So, it’s that time again when you have to visit your OB-GYN and you have to shave and wax everything until you are as smooth as a baby’s butt on your lady bits. If the thought of making everything down there presentable (as if the vagina grooming patrol is gonna inspect it) is stressing you out and too much trouble for your busy schedule, you really don’t have to worry about it. Newsflash: your doctor does not judge nor care about whatever bush work you got down there. Most OB-GYN state that you do not have to shave or wax your legs and vulva. Your doctor isn’t paying attention to your grooming, instead, she’s carefully assessing your sexual health. Don’t fret over the little stuff, instead focus on making your appointments in time and taking care of your sexual health.



You don’t have to worry about how your Vagina Smells


Before going to your doctor’s appointment, just make sure to wash your lady parts thoroughly. You don’t need to smell like roses down there, you just need to be clean and hygienic. During an examination or a pap smear, your doctor’s nose is nearer to your feet than your vajay-jay, so make sure that your feet don’t stink!

If you noticed any funky or unusual smell on your vaj, this will also be a great time to tell your doctor about it, so that she can diagnose and examine you properly while she’s looking under the hood.



You might poop on the table while giving birth


One of the most dreaded possible scenarios of first time pregnant moms is that she might poop on the table while giving birth. Well, chances are, you will, but your doctors couldn’t care less of what’s going out of your anus. They  are more concerned about what’s going out of your vagina, which is your baby and your placenta.

Pooping while pushing your baby out is very common among  a lot of women and doctors are so used to it. Rather than being concerned about keeping your poop in, just focus on pushing your baby out.



You don’t have to skip your appointment when you have your period


Blood coming out of your vagina is not a valid excuse to cancel or skip your appointment with your OB-GYN. Blood coming out during your period is nothing compared to the bloodbath they see during C-sections and childbirths, and it won’t make them squeamish at all.

Although, you might want to call ahead your doctor’s office if you are gonna have a pap smear since some facilities might not have an updated test that could separate blood from cervical cells.



Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor about your itching



Itchiness on your lady bits down there could be an indication of one or more conditions pertaining to your sexual health. It won’t hurt to describe your itch down there, it’s gonna be really helpful for your doctors in order to diagnose you correctly. It’s actually important to fess up those small details, like if you are itching in your vulva, or anywhere down there.



Most doctors have a preferred birth control


One of the reasons why women bear the embarrassment and awkwardness every month is so that your doctor could examine you and prescribe you with the right birth control that you need.

Chances are, you have a preferred type of birth control, but the truth is that most ob-gyn think that there’s only one method that is super safe. It’s the IUD. They’re safe, long-acting and does not require an upkeep.



There’s no such thing as TMI when it comes to sharing your sex life



If there’s one person whom you should talk to about your sex life, it’s your OB-GYN. The more they know about your sex life and what sex acts you do or what your gender preference is, the more it will help your doctor in giving you the best care.

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