Having a child is one of the most precious moments that a woman can experience. Giving birth to a brand new human that is half you and your partner is surely something to be proud and glow about.

After giving birth, you may seem to notice that you don’t feel as sexy and as hot as before. Your relationship with your partner may not be as steamy as when it was just the both of you. Is there a way that you can regain the passion and the steamy sexy nights in your relationship?

Here are the top 5 things to do right away to stay sexy after giving birth




Right after giving birth, you may feel like the baby weight is not going away anytime soon. In that case, you might want to exercise. We’re not saying that you should do some extreme pole dancing or rigorous exercise right away. Take it slow.

Start by just walking while pushing your baby’s stroller in the park and gradually increase your exercise.  This way, not only are you exercising, you’re also bonding with your baby.

There are also a lot of mommy-and-me classes that you can enrol to, depending on where you live.

Exercising helps make you healthier and hotter in order to feel sexy and confident in bed with your partner after giving birth.


Take Phytoestrogen


Right after you give birth, your body will have a decrease in the amount of estrogen that it has. Without estrogen in the body, you will experience vaginal loosening, decrease in libido, vaginal dryness and even pain during intercourse.

Besides that trauma that your vaginal canal has gone through during childbirth, you’re also hit with a low estrogen problem which make restoring your vaginal tightness almost impossible!

The good news is, taking herbal supplements with high quality phytoestrogen can help you heal.

Phytoestrogen is a type of estrogen that is made by plants, so it’s organic, safe and all-natural.

It helps you heal faster, right after giving birth and it increases the your energy and libido to help you stay sexy after giving birth!

You can find high quality phytoestrogen from Vagifirm.com.


Schedule regular date nights


Make sure to always find time with your partner. Keep in mind that before you were parents, you were partners first, so try to keep that relationship and connection.

You can have your parents watch over your baby or hire a trusted baby sitter to watch over him. Take the night off with your partner and take a break from being parents and just enjoy each other’s company.

Having regular date nights and enjoying each other’s company in bed without the fear of walking your baby up will help maintain the romance in your life and it will make you feel sexy.





Do exercises to keep your vagina tight


There’s nothing less sexy than a loose vagina which giving birth can do to you if you don’t exercise it right away.

Do some kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic walls and help you regain your tightness. You can use kegel weights (or weights that you insert in your vagina) while doing your kegel exercises to make you get tighter, faster.

The tighter you are, the steamier the sex is, it’s just like nothing happened down there!



Get some sexy clothes and lingerie

You’ll feel sexier if you look sexier, that’s always the rule. The hotter your clothes and lingerie are, the more confident you’ll feel.


Try visiting some maternity boutiques or online stores and you’ll be amazed by the amount of hot nursing bras that they have. Once it’s just you and your partner, put on a show for him.


He’ll definitely appreciate your bigger and perkier post-partum boobs especially when you flaunt it in your new sexy lingerie.


While you’re at it, ditch the maternity clothes and get something that fits as well. Wearing your old maternity clothes will not do anything to boost your confidence.