Feeling dry and itchy down there? You might be suffering from vaginal dryness. Imagine going down a water slide with no water, it will definitely hurt and burn! That’s the same thing that will happen down there during sex without lubrication.It’s extremely common and nothing to be embarrassed about. So what exactly is vaginal dryness and can you naturally cure it?

Vaginal dryness happens when there is not enough estrogen in the body. Estrogen is the one  responsible for everything that has to do with your sexual health, from your libido, to vaginal lubrication and everything in between. As you reach menopause, after giving birth or if you undergo some surgery that affects your sexual organs, the body will produce less estrogen. With little to no estrogen in the body, there will be a thinning of the vaginal walls, decrease in libido and decrease in vaginal moisture which means vaginal dryness and pain during sex.




When this happens, sex will no longer be pleasurable for you and your partner, it as horrible as it sounds and will mean the end of your sex life! This will also mean that you will be easily prone to vaginal irritation, itching, burning and infections. The solution is really simple, just keep your estrogen levels healthy and take good care of your sexual health.



Simple solutions to vaginal dryness


Good news is, you don’t have to just silently endure and hide your vaginal dryness problem. There are simple ways on how you can naturally and safely treat vaginal dryness.


Phytoestrogen for your estrogen problem

Since the reason for your vaginal dryness is the lack of estrogen, naturally, the solution is taking more estrogen to help you heal. Phytoestrogen is the safest form of estrogen that you can take. It’s the estrogen that are made by plants, since it’s all natural, it has no side effects and the body will also have an easy time breaking it down and using it. You can get some high quality phytoestrogen from Vagifirm.com.




Think of phytoestrogen as the fertilizer for your lady bits. It keeps your sexual organs in top condition so that they could work correctly and efficiently. The healthier your sexual organs are, the less chances you will have in having a dry hooha!




Keep in mind that not all sources of phytoestrogen are the same, some, like soy, does not have enough phytoestrogen to make a difference at all. You should take herbs that contain high quality phytoestrogen, like Kacip Fatimah. Not only will this help you heal you entire sexual system, it will also make sure that it stays that way: happy and healthy.




Use lubricants

All natural, mild and water-based lubricants are good temporary solutions while you are still healing your sexual organs. Lubricants will help you and your partner have a more pleasurable time during intimacy and will help you avoid vaginal irritation and pain during intercourse.

Just remember that lubricants are just band-aids for your solution, it’s a good way to have fun in bed while you are still healing things down there. Although, it’s not a permanent solution, you still have to make sure that your sexual organs regain and maintain their health, so that you will never have to face these kinds of problems ever again.



Strengthen your pelvic floor

The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that keeps everything down there in place. It acts as a hammock for your organs such as you bladder, bowel, uterus and vagina. It also helps keep your pee and poop in and helps you with your “grip” during sex and maintains the vaginal tightness.  As your estrogen goes out the window, your pelvic muscles also get weak. It means that there will be a vaginal loosening, decrease in libido and generally just a poor sexual health down there.


pelvic collapse


The more you strengthen your pelvic floor, the better the blood flow is down there. The better the health and blood flow down there, the more lubricated you are down there. It also means longer and stronger orgasms! The best way to strengthen your pelvic floor is by doing kegels, using kegel kits and of course keeping your estrogen levels at a healthy level with the help of phytoestrogen.




Vaginal dryness is nothing to be ashamed about, it’s also nothing that you should endure. There are still simple ways to make sure that you will never have to face this dry problem again. All you have to do is to keep your pelvic muscles strong and your estrogen levels healthy with the help of Kacip Fatimah.

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