Vaginal estrogen creams, it’s one of those things that you read about online and your doctor has mentioned once or twice. It promises to help with your issues down there without surgery. It sounds too good to be true right? One thing that you might be wondering though, are they safe to use?


What are vaginal estrogen creams?

These are creams infused with high amounts of estrogen that are applied directly to the vaginal canal. If you think that applying it sounds so messy and such a hassle, it is. They are often prescribed to women with vaginal dryness, vaginal soreness, vaginal itching,vaginal redness, pain during intercourse, soreness of the vaginal lips and feeling the urge to pee and peeing during sex.


Does it work?

Estrogen is the one that repairs and maintains the health of the entire sexual system, once the body is low in estrogen, there will be nothing to maintain the health of your sexual organs, like your vagina and breasts. Low estrogen in the body means vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, loose vagina, sagging of the breasts and so much more.

These vaginal estrogen creams aim to replenish the estrogen that the body needs when applied directly to the vaginal canal. Once applied directly to the vagina, the body absorbs it and uses it to repair your sexual system.

There’s a catch to this though, you have to apply the cream several times a day, for long periods of time in order for it to work and it will leak from your vagina the entire time. So, be ready for that.


Is it safe?

Besides being messy to apply, vaginal estrogen creams are pumped full of synthetic estrogen or estrogen that are made from the laboratory. Once the body uses and breaks down these synthetic estrogen, it leaves a toxic by-product. These toxins could cause tumors and in worse causes, uterine cancer.


Some of the side effects of using estrogen creams are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • stomach pain
  • breast tenderness
  • headache
  • weight changes
  • vaginal itching or discharge
  • mood changes
  • breast lumps
  • heavy menstrual bleeding

Using these creams for extended amounts of time can also increase your risk for strokes and bleeding.


Is there a healthy alternative to it?

Replenishing your body’s estrogen doesn’t have to feel like a punishment. There are other alternatives which are so much safer, cheaper and are less of a hassle than applying creams to your vagina. You can take supplements with phytoestrogen, the estrogen from plants. Phytoestrogens are all natural, safe and have no side effects unlike synthetic estrogen.



Since it’s made by plants, the body will have no trouble in breaking it down and utilizing it. It has no harmful byproduct after breakdown so you can be at ease in taking phytoestrogen supplements.

Taking supplements with phytoestrogen will help your body replenish the estrogen that it needs, so that your sexual organs can heal. With phytoestrogen, there will be no more vaginal dryness, irritation, redness, soreness, etc.

Keep in mind that not all plants and supplements that claim to have phytoestrogen are effective. You need to take supplements that contain plants with enough healthy phytoestrogen, such as Kacip Fatimah in order for you to restore your youthful sexual health.


Kacip Fatimah

Kacip Fatimah is an herb rich in healthy phytoestrogen that has been used for ages, in order to help women all over the globe recover faster after giving birth and to help then regain vaginal tightness.

It’s a very healthy, natural, organic and safe alternative to vaginal estrogen creams and has no side effects. Vagifirm offers herbal supplements rich in high quality Kacip Fatimah, you can get one here:



Vaginal estrogen creams are often used to help women with low levels of estrogen. It claims to help with different conditions relating to the vaginal area, the problem is that it’s not safe at all to use. With all the synthetic estrogen that it has, it can cause more harm than good. Instead of vaginal estrogen creams, you can take supplements right in phytoestrogen that are safe and healthy.