Sooner or later, every woman will face one of the dreaded conditions that ruin relationships: vaginal loosening. It’s as inevitable as the normal wear and tear of the human body. It’s dreadful but inescapable. One of the treatments that promise a cure to vaginal loosening is vaginal rejuvenation surgeries, but is it really worth the money and pain and are there any vaginal rejuvenation surgery alternatives?


Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

When it comes to vaginal loosening and tightening, one of the things that usually pops into mind is vaginal rejuvenation surgery. It’s basically a couple of procedures that target your lady bits down there to make it look younger, prettier and tighter.

If you want a tighter v and a smaller vaginal canal you might be referring to Vaginoplasty . It’s when the excess skin of the vaginal canal is trimmed and then ends are sewed back together to make it tight. Imagine a worn out sock. The sides are cut and then sewed back to together to make a smaller opening.




What the surgeon will do during surgery is that he will cut off the excess skin of the walls of your sensitive vagina with a scalpel or laser and then sew the ends together. Sure, there’s gonna be anesthesia to shield you against the pain of the surgery itself, but imagine the pain when the surgery wears off.


vaginoplasty 1


In every surgery, there’s always a risk. You and your partner may feel tighter and your lady parts may seem prettier but there’s the possibility of you going numb down there. The risks involve infection, scarring and decrease sensation during intercourse.




Another painful and expensive surgery for the name of beauty down there is labiaplasty. It’s for those who want to make the labia or vaginal lips smaller. The process is not far from vaginoplasty,  the surgeon cuts the excess and unwanted skin on the vaginal lips, just like a haircut for your va-jay-jay! Risks for this procedure include: bleeding, infection, damage in your nerve ending and lack of sensation during intercourse.

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery may seem promising at first, it’s like the surgeon is your fairy god mother and the scalpel is her magic wand for your hooha! But you have to ask yourself, is it really worth it? It is worth all your hard earned money, and weeks of horrible pain?

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Safe Alternatives for Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Before jumping into a surgical bed and dumping all your money into the surgeons lap, you might want to try safe and natural vaginal rejuvenation surgery alternatives first. They have no risk, cheaper and way better for your health and your pocket.




Estrogen is the one that takes care of everything that has to do with our sexual organs. It’s the one that keeps the vaginal muscles tight, the vaginal canal, well lubricated and all the other sexual organs happy and healthy.




As time passes by, the body also produces less and less estrogen, when this happens, there will be nothing to maintain the health of your sexual organs. Lack of estrogen is brought about by menopause or when you have given birth and all the estrogen just goes down the drain. Without estrogen, there will be vaginal loosening, vaginal dryness and lack of libido.  No matter how much exercise you do, without estrogen, there will still nothing to keep and maintain your tightness down there.


estrogen 2


Not all hope is lost, you can still take phytoestrogen in order to replenish the body with the estrogen that it desperately needs in order to heal everything down there. Phytoestrogen are safe, natural and unaltered estrogen that are made by plants. Since it is all natural, it has does not harm the body in any way and has no side effects. The body will have an easier time breaking it down and using it.




At this point, you might be thinking “great! I’ll just eat so much soy, my body won’t know what hit it!”  Sadly, not all phytoestrogen are the same, some like soy and green leafy vegetables, does not contain enough phytoestrogen to actually help the body heal and recover fast.




One herb that you can take that contains high quality Phytoestrogen to help you heal fast is Kacip Fatimah. It’s an herb that has been used for ages in order help women heal fast after giving birth and help menopausal woman alleviate their symptoms. It’s all natural, safe and definitely cheaper than surgery, plus, it does not hurt one bit.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery may seem very promising at first, the thought of having your dream va-jay-jay in a month like magic may seem enticing. But before strapping yourself into a surgical bed, think about the risks first. It could burn a hole in your pocket and poses a threat to your health. Kacip Fatimah is a safe and healthy alternative to Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery, with no side effects and it’s even healthy for you and your sex life!