When someone says “hormone” the first thing that comes into your mind might be cancer. You cannot be more wrong. A hormone is a wonderful thing, it’s the chemical that the body produces that makes you, “you”. Estrogen is one of the most important hormones in the female body. It plays a vital role in a woman’s libido, vaginal health, mood and basically everything that has to do with the reproductive system.So what exactly is estrogen and how does it affect the body?

What is estrogen?



Estrogen is the most is the most essential sex hormone of a woman that maintains the overall health of the sexual organs as well as her sexual characteristics. It is made mainly in the ovaries. Not only does it make a woman more feminine it also makes sure that the skin younger, increase the sex drive, speed up the metabolism and it helps lower the cholesterol levels.


There are 3 types of estrogen:


There’s no need to go into deeper details as to what each one does, the important thing to remember is that they are collectively known as estrogen and that they all contribute to the health of a woman.


What is the function of estrogen?

During puberty, estrogen is the one that turns your girly characteristics into a woman. It’ the one that contributes to the development of the secondary sexual characteristics of a woman such as the development of breasts, widening of the hips, having your menstruation and even those horrible acne.


secondary sexual characteristics


Estrogen is the one that regulates your menstrual cycle, which means that it’s the hormone that is responsible for telling your body how long or how heavy your flow is.


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Another responsibility of estrogen is that during pregnancy, the placenta produces a ton of estrogen, this ensures the correct development of the fetus including its organs. Estrogen also helps make the uterus “baby friendly”. That’s the reason why during pregnancy, women have amazing boobs. The downside is that high levels of estrogen in the body makes you super queasy during the first trimester, increase in the number of spider veins, increase in appetite and changes in skin pigmentation. It’s the one that gives some women the pregnancy beauty and glow.


Estrogen also plays a major role in bone formation and repair. During menopause or when a woman’s body no longer produces estrogen, she will be prone to osteoporosis and fractures.


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When it comes to the sexual organs, estrogen maintains the strength, elasticity, thickness and muscle tone of the vaginal wall. It increases the libido, maintains the vaginal lubrication and keeps the vagina nice and tight as it strengthens the pelvic muscles. Without estrogen, no matter how much you exercise your pelvic muscles and perform kegels exercises, there will be nothing to maintain the vaginal tightness.




Estrogen stabilizes the mood of the woman and it also keeps the skin moisturized and young looking. It keeps the hair healthy and keeps it from falling off and breaking.


Why do the Estrogen levels drop?

During menopause, all the functions of a woman that affects the fertility or child bearing also stops. This means that the body will also stop producing estrogen. Another situation that the body decreases the production of estrogen is when a woman undergoes surgery that involves the removal of estrogen producing organs which the ovaries or oophorectomy.




When a woman is pregnant, the placenta produces high amounts of estrogen, so when she gives birth, the body gets shocked by the sudden drop of estrogen levels.




How to Increase Estrogen Levels?

During menopause or after surgery that involves the reproductive system; most doctors often recommend estrogen replacement therapy or ERT. The problem is that during ERT you are given synthetic hormones which have a lot of side effects, including cancer.


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Luckily, you can still take a safer alternative to synthetic estrogen which is phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen are estrogen which are made from plants. Taking phytoestrogen will replenish the estrogen that the body badly needs.


Kacip Fatimah

Not all phytoestrogen are the same. With some plants like soy, you have to eat buckets of it in order get the phytoestrogen that you need. Kacip Fatimah is an herb that has high quality phytoestrogen which women have been taking for ages in order to heal fast right after childbirth.




It rejuvenates the sexual organs of a woman which means that taking Kacip Fatimah will help you tighten your vaginal canal; firm the breasts increase the metabolism and reverse the symptoms of the low estrogen in the body.

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Estrogen is the one that is responsible for maintaining the health of the sexual organs and plays a vital part in vaginal tightness and sexual health. The level of estrogen in the body depletes once a woman hits menopause, undergo surgery that involves the ovaries of give birth. Worry not, you can still take Kacip Fatimah that has high quality phytoestrogen to rejuvenate and maintain the health of your reproductive organs, keeping you sexually young and glowing!